In no particular order or level of relevance.

1~ My family. My sisters and the special relationship that we have, my brothers and their funny, fun, protective personalities, my parents for their guidance, wisdom and love. My sister in law and oldest brother and their Littles.  Technically that’s thirteen, but that’s cheating.

2~ The people who serve our country and protect it. So thankful for the sacrifices they have made.

3~ The brisk air outside, heralding the season of winter.

4~ The freedom to worship the God of the universe and experience His love for me.

5~ My book that I just finished!

6~ That I get to pursue my passion’s and hobbies!

7~ Music, the thing that can make my spirit sore the way it does.

8~ A job that provides for my needs and wants.

9~ Living out in the country just enough where it feels like the world is out our backdoor.

10~ Being healthy and physically fit.

11~ Being able to do this, blogging

12~ Giggling at night with my sisters and chatting till late.

13~ Getting to dress up for the holiday and feeling all pretty.

14~ My abilities on the piano and the 14 years I have been privileged to learn from and amazing teacher and mentor.

15~ My friends.

16~ That I get to drive places.

17~ Watching movies with my Nana.

18~ Getting to spend time and play games with extended fam we don’t get to see that often.

19~ Black Friday shopping from home. Smile

20~ The Christmas lights that glow in the dark and remind me of what we as Christians must do.

21~ Outfit Planning. Smile Yeah, I had fun here.



22~ My blog readers. You are so encouraging and such a blessing.

23~ Green Been Artichoke Casserole today. Mouth watering!

24~ Curling my hair while listening to Christmas Music.


What is something you are thankful for today?

By God’s Grace,


P.S. The winner for the $10 gift certificate giveaway is. . .

Marion! Congrats! I sent you an email!