4 Ways to Turn Your Bad Day Around

We all have those days, the ones where the world feels like it is against us. The ones where we feel like a dog growling every time someone approaches us. The ones where we just want to snap at every provocation. The ones where we feel weighed down and depressed, where you just want to cry for no reason. And even when we can blame most of those feelings and reactions on hormones, that doesn’t mean they are right thoughts. I have had a few days recently like that and I felt so proud at the end of the day. Because I was able to turn that attitude around and put that train back on the track. And you can too! Here are four ways to turn this car around.

1~ Have a core belief, verse, or song lyric that can be your anchor.

Remind yourself of it often, especially when the mood hits hard. For me this past week it has been reminding myself of the Father’s love. “I am a child of God, yes I am!” “Fear doesn’t stand a chance when I stand in your love.” “He works all things good for those who love Him.” These have been a stay for me. And the minute the lies and feelings started circling, I would whip these out of my pocket and start singing under my breath.

2~ Be sassy.

tell that devil no. You are going to have a good day and He can’t spoil it for you. Remind him and you that he no longer has that power over you. Throw your truth in his face.

3~ Rein it in.

When the negativity happens or the lies try to sneak in, be on the lookout and stop those horses before they stampede. When you see it going that way, pull up and be like, “Oh no you don’t. I got this. God’s got this. I’m not listening to you.

4~ Throw positives at the negatives.

When people start to complain or be negative around you, it can suck all the joy right out of a room. Especially when you let your mind join theirs, and honestly, it’s so hard not to. All the pent up frustration just wants to come out. But instead of joining in, throw a positive at the negative. It doesn’t even have to be related. If they are discouraged, tell them they’ve got this. Throw out a “It’s such a nice day! Or “The snow at least looks pretty!” or speaking to yourself, “I am doing my best. I am doing a good job.”

There you go! Some of them are that simple! Let’s turn these anger trains around and get out of our pity party. Who invited you anyway? Let’s go, be joyful and change the world!

By God’s Grace,


Post Header Photo by Abigail Keenan on Unsplash