5 random things about me

I thought it was about time I post another get to know me type of post. I wracked my brain trying to think of the randomest (and somewhat embarrassing things) I could think of, so here we go! Ready for me to spill the beans?

1~ I don’t read sarcasm well and have been called a bit on the naive/brainless side of things. This one is harder than it sounds because my entire family is the most sarcastically humorous crowd I know. But it also makes living in the real work and working in it a bit treacherous. If you say something in sarcasm, please add a just kidding before or after so that I know not to take you seriously. People who only talk in sarcasm? Yeah, not gonna happen. Sometimes I get a joke and I therefore become stupidly proud of myself, but a lot of it goes over my head or takes me far too long to be cool for me to actual ‘get’ it. This also makes me internally proud when I do come up with a smart and witty comeback. Cause it takes work to be witty, people. At least for me.

2~ I can get crazy. You wouldn’t know it to look at me, but I can really get down. You have to know me really well and I have to be super comfortable, and then, it usually only happens late at night when I am tired or in a SUPER good mood. I have a super fun wild side that’s a little sassy that only comes out if I know you really well. I can do silly dances, and when my jam is on, my siblings see the crazy. I also, for some reason, even though I’m not that witty, I get super witty and whippersnapper smart at night. It’s kind of weird, not gonna lie. And it isn’t all the time either. I have yet to pinpoint what the ideal climate and ingredients to create sassy, witty, hilarious Victoria is. I’ll let you know once I figure out the formula.

3~ I talk to myself almost incessantly. And I do not know why. It’s super ridiculous and I even annoy myself. But about EVERYTHING. What I’m doing while I type, having random conversations with people, arguments with myself, doing interviews for no reason. . . Like, I seriously have no idea why I do it and I often don’t even know that I’m doing it. Enough said because this is legit getting creepy to me.

4~ I like movies that make me cry. The underlying reason behind this is that if a movie makes me emotionally invested, that means it touched my heart strings and I have a deep connection to it. Just don’t watch it with me when hormones are high or I will descend into a pit full of my own tears and wallow for a few hours. Only a few have seen me go there and it is a sight to behold. And not a cute one, that’s for sure. But the same goes for books. I tend to judge media on how it makes me feel, not how perfect the story was, or how deep the theme. Did it touch me emotionally?

5~ I am extremely knowledgeable about horses. Have I ever owned one? No. Have I ridden one more than 4 times? No. I was obsessed when I was a tween and teen and actually had a class/curriculum all about horses. I still have those “everything you need to know about horses” books galore. I know what shades of brown Dun, Roan, Chestnut, and Palomino are. I know how to saddle and bridle a horse. And I know more breeds than I care to admit. Did you also know that Painted Horses are also their own breed and have their own association now, even though that only used to be a way to denote their coloring?

Well, there you have it! 5 completely random (and somewhat embarrassing) things about me! I hope you enjoyed! Your turn now! What is one super random thing about you?

By God’s Grace,