Tips for a Job Interview

I recently had to prepare for an interview, and it wasn’t a very difficult interview, but I still came away with some things that I learned, or also some tips from other wise people in my life.

1 ~ When you pick your outfit, in addition to it being something nice (which kind of goes without saying) dress in something that you feel YOU in. I chose an outfit I had worn before and knew that I loved. There is nothing worse than running around last minute going through wardrobe changes because you hate the way you look. Pick something tried, true and comfortable.

2 ~ Don’t be on your phone or reading while you are waiting for your interview. I read this somewhere and it made perfect sense. Instead of sitting slumped over a phone or book, you are sitting up tall and ready. Your appearance will be much more pleasing to a potential employer if you aren’t on your phone. Also, being on your phone can look lazy. No one wants an employee who is going to be texting or browsing on their phone while at work. If you wouldn’t do it at work, don’t do it while waiting for your interview.

3 ~ Smile. This might sound easy . . . but being at ease and smiling can be difficult. Especially if you are nervous. Choose not to be nervous, pray and have people be praying for you. Don’t be fearful. While it is normal to be nervous, don’t let that be a scared nervous. Let it be an exciting nervous and keep that smile on your face. Smiling makes you look confident. Which leads me to my next point.

4 ~ Be confident. Be confident in who you are. Don’t let their questions or demeanor intimidate you. Be strong in who God created you to be. Another way to make sure that you are confident is to answer the questions clearly and to not feel like you need to hide anything. As long as you answer the questions perfectly truthfully, you will be fine.

5 ~ It’s okay to think before you speak. This interview is all about you. If the employer has to wait for 15 seconds while you get your thoughts together, they will wait. It is no big deal. Take a breath and give yourself a moment to gather your thoughts. And another comfort, what feels like a long time to us in these situations can often be completely unnoticeable and miniscule to others.


Have you ever been to a job interview? What are some tips you would add?

By God’s Grace,



*** Hey there, this is Sarah Grace, Victoria’s part time secretary and full time sister. Victoria was unable to post this yesterday, and asked me to, but I am a terrible secretary and forgot. So, sorry it’s a bit late! Hope you enjoy it anyway.