Last week, I buckled down and tackled everything in my Mending basket! I hemmed some of my Dad’s dress pants, sewed a cut out skirt for my sister, trimmed and hemmed a skirt, and organized the rest of the basket. It is a vintage laundry basket, so over time it is large enough to collect quite a bit of miscellaneous junk. Smile I got this skirt that I will be talking about today from a thrift store. I really dislike the drop waist look on me. But this skirt was so pretty! I loved the print and the color block on the bottom. I also loved the sheery, classy looking fabric. I decided I would get it and attempt to alter the waistband and I am so happy with how it turned out! A score I think for $3!


It was a Worthington brand and the fabric was just so nice!


So, first I pinned the pleats in place because I didn’t want to lose them. I debated over this. I had the idea to just make it all gathered, but decided against that. So I pinned the pleats in place in order not to lose them! This fabric was very slippery, so I wasn’t taking any chances!


I unzipped the zipper so that when I sewed the elastic to the area right below the existing waistband, I could zip up the zipper again with hopefully no problems. Smile I hope that made sense! LOL!


So, I cut the waistband off, right below the seam and pinned the elastic directly to the top of the skirt.



Then, I sewed it all to the elastic and this is what it looked like! The pleats actually turned out great! I am super happy with it!




Ta Da! All done! It fits me around the actual waist now and I really love how it looks!



This skirt is so super swishy! I can’t wait to wear it out!





I have done this alteration to several skirts before and because I often wear a belt over it anyway. I love it!

Have you ever altered something and loved how it turned out?


By His Grace,