I am super honored to be able to participate in Bramblewood Fashion’s Autumn Trends Blog event! Thanks Ladies! This first outfit is one of my favorites. I am finding myself wearing it more and more! This dress and leggings are SO comfortable!~




I LOVE These boots that I got last year! They are not your average riding boot and I am so happy I bought them! You can find them here!


I absolutely love fall! I am so happy it is here! I love the cooler weather, the option to wear boots and scarfs. Layering! The leaves are starting to blow away one by one. The trees are turning bright yellow and red. Another thing about fall is that I can wear my hair down more. It is just too hot in Summer to wear it down like this every day. I spent the time to curl my hair this week and it was so worth it! I haven’t done it in a while and I love it so much. The curls last several days. This was day two since curling. I use this Remington Hair wand and it is great and gets the job done and the price is right!



~ Dress ~ Gap brand thrifted $3

~ Boots ~ $24 from amazon

~Leggings~ Walmart $5

~ Cardigan~ Modbod $10

~Necklace~ Addtobeauty.com

~Earrings~ JewelsbyJulia



What is your favorite thing to wear in the fall?

By His Grace