The last day of the Autumn Trend Blog Event hosted by Ashley @ Bramblewood Fashion! I am kind of sad that it is over! This was so fun!


I am really liking this outfit. I will definitely be wearing it this fall and probably into winter. I will just add tights. I actually got this skirt from another blogger that I follow! Alex from Into the Woods. She did a Instagram Closet sale and I instantly fell in love with this plaid skirt! Especially since I have been on the lookout for one! I love it! Thanks Alex! I also get to wear my dream shoes! I have been dreaming of oxfords for months and I finally caved and bought them for actually a great price! Gotta love Amazon!





I about swooned when I saw this belt while out shopping with my Nana. She saw my excitement over it and I couldn’t really justifying paying for it and she gifted it to me! I am so thankful and I love it!





Did I say that I love these shoes!? My favorite fall trend by far!!!



So I was reading one of those blog post ideas for the month of October. One of the ideas was kind of cool. It spoke of sharing long term dreams you have. I thought it would be a fun thing to do and a way for you to get to know me better. These long term dreams are ones that I do just that about. Dream. I have no idea if they will ever happen. But, with God, all things are possible right?


* Sing the National Anthem for a Tigers Baseball Game ( I now actually have experience singing the national anthem for a minor league baseball game so that’s one step up the ladder right? I will share about that later! Such a cool gift from God!)

* Own a horse and ride it through open fields and forests. ( I sound like every little girl here but I do know how much work and money it takes to own a horse, LOL!)

* Learn to be a very accomplished Seamstress.





~ Skirt ~ Bought from blogger ~ $8

~Shoes ~ $25

~ White Top ~ Borrowed from my Sister

~ Belt~ Cato’s ~ Gift

~ Bracelets ~ Random places


What about you? What are some of your long term dreams?


By His Grace,