be careful

You know that song. . . Be careful little ears what you ear, eyes what you see, etc?

In this day and age, it’s even harder, but that much more important to keep those things sacred and to be incredibly thoughtful and careful about what we put before us.

Sometimes you have no choice, for instance, in a work place where there are some who choose to use foul language and tell dirty stories. The only thing I can do in those instances is cry out to the Father to keep my mind and heart pure and to cleanse my mind of all unrighteousness.

But when it comes to media, movies, tv, even music, I have to ask myself and constantly hold myself accountable to reality checks of “is this really okay? And more than that, is it not just okay, but is it good?” You know the verses about whatever is pure etc. There is good reason for that. I’ve felt both ends of the spectrum and I’ve come to recognize it.

You see, whether we realize it or not, those dirty, meh things can become a burden on our souls.

I have felt tired, sad, depressed, stressed etc, and I’ve learned that sometimes that can come from an imbalance of too much yuck coming into my brain, and not enough good coming in to kick the bad out. You’ve heard of detox diets for your body, sometimes we need to do that for our minds too.

Having too much yuck can not only become a burden on our soul, but I believe it can also be a detriment to our destiny in Christ. I can’t effectively serve Him when I have too much spill over of negative, evil, or just plain useless stuff pulling on my brain and heart?

So here’s an encouragement to you. Step back, analyze. Be okay with giving yourself reality checks. Set standards for yourself, whether that be with your parents, or you on your own.

Is it just a few swear words, so it’s okay? Is it just one scene that’s gratuitous? What is okay and what isn’t? And don’t be afraid to just say no. There’s no harm in that. And when all is said and done, make the time to fill your mind with the good things, (the Word of God and His praise) because, the truth of the matter is, you can’t ever have too much of that.

Do you struggle with being careful with what goes in your brain?

By God’s Grace,