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Now! On to our featured author! Michaela Bush!


Thanks for joining me Michaela! Here are my questions!

1 ~ What inspired you to write your most recent book?

My most recent novel, Something New, is the second book in the Mount Sterling series.  I wrote it  to work through many challenges that Christian teens and young adults face in their lives today.  This is a book that fights against high divorce rates as well as “hookup” culture, and promotes standing up for yourself and your beliefs.  I was also inspired by my own journey to find my place in the world; choosing a radically different career path than what I’ve been planning on, and dealing with the uncertainty and confusion that followed.  It’s something that my main character, Joanna, started going through before I did!

While many of these challenges were already threads or “cliffhangers” created in the first book, this one was largely inspired by a news report I saw one night about how foster agencies across the country were practically begging for foster parents because of how many children were/are becoming orphans thanks to the drug crisis in our nation.  I wanted to do something, and this was it.


2 ~ What do you hope that your readers take away from this story?

I hope that readers will be encouraged that even the toughest situations can turn around.  Even though things might get rough, that’s no excuse to give up or even walk away from a marriage because of problems that can be solved.  Also, sometimes giving up all of your plans and ambitions, then laying them in God’s hands will show you a better path.  Finally, I hope that readers can take away the idea that sometimes you can use past sorrows and pain as experience that can help others thrive and make it through this crazy world…whether it’s a stranger, an enemy, or a baby who has no one else in the world.


3~ What authors inspire you?

I always turn to works by Karen Kingsbury, as well as Janice Thompson, L.M. Montgomery, and J.R.R. Tolkien when I need some writing inspiration.


4~ What is next on the writing horizons for you?

I have way too many ideas!  Hopefully next year, I’ll be writing the third book for my first series – Faith, Hope, and Love – as well as the third book for Mount Sterling, which will be titled Keeping Cassie.  There are some standalone projects I’m toying with – mostly some retellings for fairytales and The Lady of Shallot.

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