I hope this isn’t getting redundant! I am loving boho! I am trying to fit in as many outfits in as possible while there is still some summer left. For some reason, I can’t really see a way to wear bohemian in the fall and winter months. Brightly colored peasant skirts don’t really work when it is snowing outside! It took me about 4 tries to come up with this outfit. This top is kinda tricky . I have worn it on the blog before here, it is a bit long and doesn’t really match anything I have except denim. I haven’t worn it in a while so I tried every which way to wear it today. Tucked in with 2 different denim skirts, untucked. Sigh. Then inspiration struck. (snaps fingers) BINGO! Where is that blush pink crinkle skirt (digging in closet), AHA! here it is!. I tucked the top into the skirt and added a belt, then bracelets and earrings. WOOT! I did a twirl in the mirror! The outfit worked! Just goes to show, EVERYONE has those moments of banging your head against the wall trying to figure out WHAT ON EARTH to wear!!!!










I had a bunch of fun with my hair today too! It took two tries, (hmm seems there is a them here!) but I finally got it to work! Now, I love it! I will probably do the front braids different next time but overall, I will definitely do the style again!


Outfit Details:

Skirt: gifted

Top: Forever 21 thrifted $3

Flip Flops: Flojoh’s from Costco $10

Bracelets: Antique from India $2, gomodestly $10, made by me

Earrings: flea market $3


Do you like the boho look? Ever have those outfits that take several tries to make happen?


By His Grace,