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Hello lovlies!

I have a delightful review for you today! I found this young artist through a slightly roundabout way. Liza is in a group of sibling singers and musicians. Which, by the way are phenomenal. You can find them here! I started following her on Instagram because I just loved her art and recently, she opened her shop online! Briarberry Type is so beautiful! I was ecstatic and it took me only a second to decide which of all her fabulous items I wanted to get! I love supporting small, artistic businesses when I can because I am one myself and I know how it feels. The shopping process was lovely and easy to navigate. On to the unboxing!


I got the package in the mail and immediately felt so special! she had taken the time to create a special address in her hand calligraphy! It was written on an adorable map and the whole thing made me smile so big!


Carefully packaged in tissue paper with a pretty piece of washi tape to keep it closed! The attention to the smallest detail was amazing!


GASP! Gorgeousness! I think I could hear a choir singing when I opened the package!

briarberry card

A handwritten card! Cuteness!


Carefully packaged in a wax paper envelope to protect it.


WOW! This art is just stunning! I love the style of course, but it is just so beautifully well done and once I got my hands on the actual piece it-self I was blown away by the quality of the paper.


Just so pretty.


The inside has a beautiful flower detail that I just love. it’s the little bit extra in this that makes it feel so special.


Every single one of the notecards is just stunning in it’s own way and I could stare at them for quite a while. My personal favorites are the top left, and bottom left. When my parents saw them, my dad instantly pointed to the one of the girl on the chair with a book and said “that’s you Victoria!” My mom even said the quality was amazing. She said, and I quote: “You make sure you tell her that I thought the quality was outstanding!!!” Open-mouthed smile 



Overall, I am totally thrilled with my purchase and the quality of care and product. They shipped fast and the attention to detail and making sure it arrived in mint condition was well done. I can’t wait to make my next purchase! I give the shop 6 stars! I love these so much that they probably won’t be going anywhere. These lovely notecards may just get framed and hung in my bedroom. I even have a perfect place for them! Another thing to appreciate about Liza, the artist, is that she has such a great heart! She is so sweet and her mission behind her art is so wonderful. You can read her about page here. Seriously! Go check this girl out. Her art is not only stunning but incredibly affordable. And right now, if you subscribe via email (in the little box that pops up if you have been on her sight for a short amount of time) you get a 15% OFF COUPON CODE IN AN EMAIL!!!! It doesn’t get any better than that folks! I am so so so please with these! I think I said that already! LOL!


What is your favorite item from Liza’s shop? Do you love these or what?

By God’s Grace,