Hello All!


Seriously, that title is so terrible! Gosh, you’d think I could come up with better than that. I could, but I won’t. Today I just wanted to update you all on my writing projects and I few other things I have going on. And as a little side note, the picture above makes my heart sing! I don’t know why, but I just think it is so pretty.

I am participating in NaNoWriMo. And for those of you who don’t know what it is, It is National Novel Writing Month. So basically, us crazy people commit to writing a 50,000 word novel over the course of one month. In know not exactly sane, right? I am doing it a little different because word counts are difficult for me to track since I write nearly everything by hand in a notebook. So I am just committing to finishing a teen novel that I have in the works, and before I touch that, I am finishing the serial novel that I am going to be publishing here. I am hoping that I finish that by the end of this week (so close I can taste it!!!) and then I can start on the teen novel, which, I want to have done by the end of the month. You all, I am so excited to start getting these out there!


My teen novel is going to be book 2 in The Girls Of Glory series that I am writing. Book one is written, (you can read the synopsis here just scroll down) it just needs to be edited and formatted for publishing, but I am wanting to get a leg up with the series by having book two ready and waiting in the wings with a rough draft. And, to wet your whistle, here is a synopsis for you!

Julia Thorne is unusual. She loves school and has dreams of being a neurosurgeon. Lofty goals for a girl of thirteen. She is considered a nerd by others in school but tries not to let it bother her. She finds comfort in her best friends Jenna and Emma. After a fiasco with stolen homework, Julia becomes a target for a girl who is a bully. Abuses and mishaps accumulate until the final straw sends Julia, a few friends and a teacher to the ER. Will Julia face her fears? What is the right course of action? Can Julia come off more than conqueror? Or will she walk away defeated?

As for the Serial novel, I am 3 chapters away from wrapping it up. Maybe 4 because I feel like I may need more than I had outlined for to fit the whole ending in. I am also working on typing it up with the help of my lovely little sister! Thanks girl! Then, before I post, It will be quickly read through by 3 beta readers to make sure that it all makes sense before I start posting it here. Oh, and of course I will proof read it and spare you all my grammatical errors and sentence structure fails.  Hopefully by the second or third Wednesday of the month. And to get you a little more excited, I just found this quote that totally sums up a lot of what my thoughts are for this book.

serial novel

In other news:

~ I am now officially on Goodreads! In case any of you are interested and would like to friend me, I would love that! I love reading and I didn’t realize the potential of goodreads. I am also working on an author page and getting my soon to be published books on there as well.

~I released a cover of a song that I just love the words to. You can hear it here! Thanks to the Ichthus team and especially Sarah Grace for making this happen!

~I have a schedule! I feel so much more organized and I hope to be posting about it soon!

Now, to wrap this up, I will leave you with a conglomeration of my favorite writing funnies and my commentary on them. These make me laugh so hard and I hope they do the same to you!


I actually have used this at least 3 times this week while NaNoing. I was staring into space, with notebook in my lap and a pen being twisted in my fingers and my sisters told me to write. I said, “I am! You can be staring into space and still be writing!” I would tap my head and they would just shake theirs, trying to hide their giggles. Smile


Trueness. (nods head)

Welcome to the life of a writer.:

BAHAHAH! For reals though! Goodness, do I really sound like that?



Now for a serious quote that is so encouraging to me right now.


Are you excited about anything I mentioned?

Many blessings to you my friends and readers!

By God’s Grace,