*Disclaimer* I am not being paid by Amazon.com to use their links in this post. I use them because they are the easiest way I have found to purchase things. I shop there instead of going to the store most times. Smile


These are things we all enjoy in our family, and I thought it might be helpful for those of you who might be looking for gift ideas to give to families, or children! Here are our family favorites!


For The Competitive Bunch

We love playing games in our family! Here are some of our faves!

 Scattegories ~ This game is a blast. There is so many people in our family that we often team up. Two people to a board. It often gets into heated but hilarious discussions over whether something qualifies or not, but Daddy always has the final say! Smile



 Dutch Blitz ~ This game is a rather new acquisition to our game arsenal. It is super fast, and a blast! It is really easy to learn. My little siblings ages 7-12 are amazing at it! They have beaten me a lot of times! I am thinking now I should have bought the Expansion pack with a family this big. I probably will. Everyone wants to play this game when we pull it out!



Quelf ~ My older brother and sister-in-law brought this game over and I immediately had a ton of fun! It is hilarious! There are different cards for different colors. Showbiz is funny, you have to act something out, it is usually silly. Then there is rules. If you draw this card it could add a rule to the rest of the game for you or everyone. For instance, you might have to use hand gestures when talking for the rest of the game. There are several other fun cards as well. A great party game and ice-breaker!



Deck of Cards ~ We often play lots of games with these. Some of our favorites are


I Doubt It




Go Fish

Old Maid

Always a bit of fun to be had with these! They make great stocking stuffers!



For the Curl up with Popcorn and  a Good Show Bunch


 Little House On the Prairie ~ I grew up on this tv show. It is so awesome! It teaches so many family values, has humorous moments, and moments when that make me cry. It will always hold a special place in my heart! Be prepared to fall in love with the characters in this show! Based on the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. (I’ll tell you a secret, I actually like this show better than I do the books. There are several things in the books that I happened not to like. I know, crazy, but it it true. ) Smile 




 Christy ~ This TV show is so pretty and we enjoyed it so much as a family! Based on the book by Catherine Marshall. I love it! The old fashioned clothes and stories. The sweet children of Cutter Gap, and the rivalry between Doc McNeil, and David Grantland the preacher.



For Those Who Love to Read:


Here is a place to purchase amazing and beautiful books for the whole family!


Lamplighter ~ There are so many things I could say about these publishers! Their attention to detail is amazing and their ministry is so inspiring. There books are beautiful and the stories timeless and encouraging.



I hope this list was helpful to you! What are some gift ideas you have for the family?


By His Grace,