I have talked briefly before about how God has been teaching me about Waiting on Him. Another instance of this just happened this week.


I have been thinking and praying about getting a part-time job sometime soon. I have considered many options. I have the money for a car, and I would need to purchase one in order to make any of the jobs I was considering work. I talked with my Dad and Mom ( Prov. 15:22  ) about it, just talking through logistics. The advise I received was to just wait right now. A part time job wouldn’t really be worth it at this point because I would be spending a lot of the money I earn on the maintenance, Insurance, and gas for a vehicle. Plus, our schedule is changing with the start of homeschool. Now, I have graduated, but I still help Mama teach the little ones and I was needed as a part of the schedule. So I decided to do what I felt God was leading, and “Wait.”

I didn’t have very long to wait! A day later, I got an email from a friend who is going to Israel for 4 weeks. She needs someone to fill in for her at her job while she is gone and she thought of me. Now, I thought how providential! We were just talking about me getting a job and one literally drops in my lap so to speak! After working it out with her and her bosses, it is a go and I will have a job for four weeks and the possibility of a continued part time job after she gets back! Plus, the hours are flexible as to what my days look like as the weeks go by. Plus, I won’t need to buy a vehicle to have the job.


I have struggled in the past with how the whole “Trusting in God” thing works. You know, are you just supposed to wait for God to drop things in your lap? Or are there times when we are supposed to go and “seek” for something? Does God lead both ways? My thoughts on this are yes. Sometimes, God’s word for us is “go, step out and look for what I have for you, I will show you” And other times, it is “here, no looking required, here is what I have for you”. But, the one of just waiting, can be a bit harder. Winking smile


Now, though, I feel like a spoiled princess! I wanted something, and I barely had to pray for it, and without any work on my part, God “dropped it into my lap” all wrapped up with a pretty bow for His little girl! It never ceases to amaze me and fill me with gratitude how God can not only provide what we need, but he gives over abundantly, just to bless us.  I feel like my cup is overflowing!



Have you ever felt like a spoiled princess?

What is something God has blessed you with?


By His Grace,