Years ago, I pinned this outfit into my pinterest because I loved so much about it. The skirt of course, which I vowed to make one similar some day, and just the general simplicity of it. A friend handed down a skirt that had a red pattern and I immediately remembered this pin from years ago and knew instantly what I wanted to do with it. So, I was a copycat! Which, kind of is what I do. I mean I look on pinterest and see these adorable outfits and try to recreate them in my own style, with things that I have. Or I make things that look the same. Imitation is the sincerest flattery right? Smile 

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The skirt was this weird just above ankle length. Uh, no thanks. So I trimmed it up to match the length of the one above, and so I could wear these boots with it.




I absolutely LOVE these boots! They are amazing! They are my go to’s and this is my second year wearing them! They are holding up great for a really inexpensive boot.  They are not your ordinary rider boots which are really popular right now. I got them last year when I saw some really cool tall lace up boots that reminded me of medieval times. I am so happy with my purchase I made then. And, they were less than $25! And, you get free returns if they don’t fit right. They are pretty true to size too. I got 7’s and they fit perfectly. You can check them out here! Amazon rocks ya’ll!




Fun story behind these earrings. I got matching keys from the antique market. I know, matching keys? What? They were for some sort of makeup case or suitcase type thing I am sure. They are small (which made it perfect for earrings) and identical. I knew immediately I wanted to make earrings out of them. Oh, and they had the perfect hole in the top! So I did make these earrings from some random scrap beads I had from some other old jewelry. I love them! They are just so fun and whimsical!


Second day curls! I love it when my hair lasts like this. So low maitenance.





Outfit Details

Sweater/Cardigan: Thrifted, $3

Cami/Tank: Forever 21 $1.99

Skirt: handmedown and altered by me

Leggings: Walmart $4

Boots: Amazon, here. $25

Earrings: made by me

Hat: $12 Forever 21


Have you ever copycatted something? What was it?

By His Grace,