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Hello lovelies! I am so excited to be a part of Kate and Rebekah’s 3-2-1 Write party! We are all so excited for you to read our posts! (Psst. . . click on the banner above and it will take you to the hosting site so you can read everyone else’s posts!!!)

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Today we are each going to share with you three books that have helped us as writers. Now, to be perfectly honest, most of my “learning” when it comes to writing was done online by following some awesome blogs, but I did find some great books that focus more on the publishing and marketing side of things, so here are my three favorites that I have read!


Where Do I Start by Molly Evangeline

My mini review: This book was so helpful! It was short, to the point and easy to comprehend. I would highly recommend it if you are considering being an author. I went the Indi publishing route and am so happy that I did. I will probably do a more in-depth post on why later, but seriously, this book helped me so much. All those little bits of information and questions that you don’t know to ask. . . this book answers them!


5 Minute Book Marketing for Authors by Penny Sansevieri

5-Minute Book Marketing for Authors: Easy and effective ways to market your book every single day! by [Sansevieri, Penny C.]

My Mini Review: This book really helped me as well. I hate marketing. I think everyone probably does. I don’t want to be that pushy salesperson but I found out through this book that that isn’t what marketing is. Marketing is really presenting your product in the most attractive way possible and knowing the ins and outs of what people look for. The title really intrigued me because I don’t have a ton of time to market, so I was hooked by that alone. But I am really happy that I read this. I plan on buying the paperback so I can use it and mark it up. Open-mouthed smile


Goodreads for Authors by Michelle Campbell Scott

My Mini Review: This book was also very helpful. The first half discussed the ins and outs of Goodreads in case you are starting from the ground up, but after that, the info got SUPER helpful. From how to interact to others and how to treat reviewers and even how to get your book out there more. I found it very informational and it is short, so it makes a quick read.


There you have it! My three recommended Publishing and Marketing books! I hope you found this post helpful! Also, here, is your scavenger clue for the day!

ourselves ~ C.S. Lewis

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And, for some fun! Comment below with any questions or writing book recommendations you have! I will be available for a few hours to chat back and forth in the comments! Otherwise, see you tomorrow!

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