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Welcome to day two of the party! This has been such fun so far! I hope you enjoy today’s post! Be sure to click on the party banner above and join in the giveaway over on Rebekah’s blog which is the grand central station of the party. Okay, that being said, let’s get to this!

Day 2 party final

Today, I get to share with you two pieces of writing advice. This was a little tricky, because I am big on writing advice and quotes that I pin up places to keep me on track and encourage me. But, by looking at it from the perspective of what most inspired me and has most influenced and motivated me as a writer, here are the two that have really shaped who I am.


Just Write

write inspiration

This has been the most influential to me. I found this quote that fit with my personal writing mantra which is “JUST WRITE!” with capitals and the exclamation mark. You can’t leave those out. When telling myself that bit of advice when writing (or trying to write) it can look like anything. Sometimes I picture shaking a finger at myself with hands on hips and a raised eyebrow look of “you-had-better-be-writing” Other times, it is a battle cry. (Think braveheart-esque battle cry) And other times, it is a chant as my pen scratches the paper. “just write just write just write” Whichever way suits your mood, this is something that without, I would not have written as much as I have. I have an entire article coming out in a book later this year about my Just Write method, so I will try not to wax eloquent. I could probably write a post (or a series of posts) on this topic. So, I will leave more for later. You get the general idea.


“Being a good writer is not about nailing it the first time, it is about not giving up till a piece is polished to perfection.”

Now, this encouragement was twofold for me. It encouraged me while I was writing because it made me stop psycho analyzing what I was writing as I was writing. Because I kept holding myself back by making sure EVERY SENTENCE WAS PERFECT. That is too much pressure to put on yourself for your first draft. It isn’t about nailing it the first time, so let it go and let it out.

The second part of this was not giving up till a piece is polished to perfection. That encouragement was REALLY needed when it came to the rewriting and editing phase. Not my favorite thing to do anyway, but it was incredibly hard. So I continued to tell myself that I wasn’t going to give up until this baby was polished to perfection (or as close is as humanly possible, cause you know we as humans can never be perfect, but that is rabbit trail. Open-mouthed smile)


So, there you have it! My two pieces of Writing advice! I hope they encouraged you!

And here is your clue for today!

“are, to make”

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