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Welcome to day 3 of the party! Be sure to click on the party banner above to be directed to the grand central station of the party’s activities. And to enter the UH-MAZING giveaway, which you can do here. No, really. You get TONS of free goodies that make a writer swoon if you win. Like a free cover design by mwa, an editing by Ericka, Blog tour help from Faith, a free book (um, hello!) and a giftcard!!! Seriously, it has been the disappointment of my life that I was unable to enter since I am one of the hosts. This party puts the “grand” in grand prize, let me tell you. Any who, without further ado, on to my favorite writing tool!

day 3 party

My one writing tool is probably one of the things that I deem most important when it comes to writing and it has probably been the one thing (tool wise) that has helped me the most! and that is. . .

~Character Sheets~

Now, don’t just google this unless you want to give yourself a headache with the bazillion and three options that exist. Or, you could google it like I did, pick one that looks the most promising and just answer the questions that make the most sense. Character sheets are a lovely tool that allow you to explore your character in depth and make them way better than you could have ever thought. Making your characters human is so important, and this tool allows you to do that very easily, just by filling in some blanks and answering some questions. Your characters will be amazing if you just use this simple tool. The character sheet gives you questions such as:

What is their flaw?
What is their strength?
What do they put their trust in?
What do they fear the most?
What is their soapbox?
Etc. etc.

These questions along with some others make great character depth builders. Nobody likes a shallow character who is perfect, or someone who they just don’t get to know. So when you take the time to get to know your characters better, your readers will thank you so much!

I have something special for you! Here is a free download of MY character sheet. The one I use for pretty much every characters in my books. After much research and printing up more different character sheets than I care to count, I compiled my favorite questions and the ones I use the most often onto one sheet. I hope it helps!


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