I saw this blouse at a garage sale for $2 and really loved the adorable pink floral print. It looked kind of big, but I figured I could alter it to make if fit. But after trying in it still looked just bleh! So I decided to do something a little more drastic!




I cut of the sleeves, leaving the seam intact so that it would still look finished. I then took a strip of white fabric from an old sheet and made it into a ruffle. I hemmed it, then gathered it along the hem of the shirt.





It still felt like it was lacking something, so I added some leftover lace from another project around the bottom. I also added some ties in the back because it still looked a little too large. I didn’t want it to look like a maternity top! LOL!


Here is the finished look! I am so happy with the way it turned out!






This was such a fun, see how it goes project! I really enjoyed it and thankfully the outcome is something I will wear over and over again!


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