blog dress

I was given this dress by a friend and I loved the fabric! Blue and green, specifically blue is one of my favorite colors ever! I wear it the most. In the words of Shelby from Steel Magnolia’s, “It’s my signature color” said with a southern accent of course.

signature color

The neck was really kind of. . . um. . . this is not a word but bear with me. . . Choky. It just was so uncomfortable and I felt like the dress was trying to choke me! LOL! I wasn’t ready to give up on this dress yet so I decided to give fixing it a shot.



First I marked with a pin where I though the actual neck should be. Where would it be comfortable? Yet still modest. I didn’t want to cut too much off. I have done that before and nothing could be sadder. Sad smile



I trimmed it in a scoop shape and then ironed the raw edges inside. It was lined so it worked perfectly. then did a quick top stitch with white thread.


All set and I love it! No more scratchy uncomfortable neckline! And, it took me like 5 min! This was the easiest fix I think to date! And to think I was almost ready to give it away! So happy I didn’t!


P.S. I apologize for the mess in the background. I was cleaning sweaters out of my closet!


Have you ever had a quick fix that you loved?

By God’s Grace,