Hello Lovelies! We got to go on a fall walk yesterday! It was so gorgeous. It is my favorite place of where we go every year and the leaves and trees were stunning. I just want to walk there every day, maybe even live in the park. Do you think they would allow that? LOL! I have lots more pictures I will be editing and hopefully posting soon. They are gorgeous, and I saw some awesome leaves!

This outfit was so comfortable and I have found that my other staple in this transition period, other than tunic and jeans (which I talked about here), has been leggings and a dress that is too long to be a tunic, but just right for leggings and boots. I got this fall orange cardigan while at a goodwill this week. I love it so much and it is perfect for fall! It matches one of the pumpkins we have on our front porch perfectly! haha! I even took the time to curl my hair which I haven’t done in over a month, and I was so happy I did. I missed wearing my hair down.

I had several awkward moments this week, as the post title says and instead of keeping them to myself, thought I would share them so you can laugh at me too! LOL!
~ While walking through the trails at the park, someone had hung a hammock and was sleeping just off the trail with his shoes chucked on the forest floor. Hmm . . Is that allowed? It felt so awkward! I mean really, who sleeps in a public park in a hammock for an afternoon. And no, I’m not heartless, he wasn’t homeless or anything. Just a weird thing to do. I mean, it sounds lovely if you can have some privacy. I can totally see myself doing that with a book and some music, or just listening to the flutter of leaves fall, but kind of weird when we were on a walk like that!

~ I ran to the grocery store today for some necessary veggies and ingredients for dinner. I go all of my groceries, for which there was no cart, so I was lugging carrots, celery, onions and boxes of pasta all in my arms, trying to balance a glass jar of salad dressing on top of all of that and not drop it! I was sweating by time I got to the checkout and I had to wait in line. Apparently everyone and their dog had to do last minute Halloween shopping or something, but here I am loaded with stuff, waiting for 2 other people ahead of me. By time I get to check out, there is at least 4 people behind me, maybe more, but I am too embarrassed to look because I have to ring my items up and the computer wasn’t scanning properly. I was starting to overheat and finally the last straw was that I pulled out my wallet to pay and could not find my debit card!!!!! And, I didn’t have enough cash. AGHHHHH! My worst nightmare!  My ears were literally burning. I had no idea what that actually felt like until today, but I swear, they were on fire. I had to pull my groceries and the attendant, (who happened to by a nice guy thank God, instead of annoyed) made a void slip so all I had to do was return with enough money. We only live like 3 minutes away, so I hopped back in the 15 passenger van after hoofing it to where I had had to park. Which was in Timbuktu in order to be able to NOT hit another vehicle, (yeah, it’s a beast). The only thing I could think of where my card was is that my little sister had maybe used it to purchase something for our Studio Giveaway. So I called home on my antiquated flip phone and she didn’t know where it was. So I pulled over, parked and dug everywhere in my purse, which, if I am being totally honest, was a disaster! I hadn’t gotten around to organizing it after our last outing spree, so It was a mess. But, thank God! I found my card in the front pocket (where it should not have been, but oh well.)Turns out when we were at a book store last week, I let my sis buy something on it, and when she came back, I was in way too much of a hurry because I was about to meet someone, so I shoved it in the pocket.  Back to the store and in to find my groceries and pay! After several minutes of trying to find the attendant, I finally paid and walked out, victorious with my celery, onions, carrots, pasta, and ranch dressing! Woo Hoo! I would like to say that I took it all calm and cool, but no, I am not perfect, so I felt totally frazzled and stressed out, even though I tried to do the right thing and talk out loud, to myself in the empty van. “It’s okay, no one knows who you are anyway, and the people that saw it happen and were inconvenienced, you will in all likelihood never see again in your life.” LOL! So that is my awkward story of the week! Lesson learned: Put your card away, even if you are in a hurry. Smile

///Outfit Details///

Dress: thrifted $3

Cardigan: Goodwill $5

Leggings: Walmart last year $3

Boots: Amazon, two years ago, $20

Bracelet: Craft Sale Find $15


Did you find amusement in my awkward moments? What is something awkward that happened to you?

By God’s Grace,.