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Leaves turning colors, cooler weather, apples to pick, and jackets and boots to pull out of storage.I love Fall and all the special things it has to offer. I almost can’t wait to get to wear warmer clothes. I am a warm blooded person so I really like the cooler weather. Heat and me are only ok. Fall is on it’s way and I have been doing something unusual for me this summer. Planning ahead. Haha! I don’t do this very often, but I was thinking ahead on what I want to wear this fall. My style has been evolving somewhat the last few years as I have gotten more mature. I have been purging like crazy this year! So onto part one of my fall style for 2015


I really love the look of the high-waisted skirts with tights or leggings and boots or (and I am really into right now) Oxfords. I really like both the flat ones as well as the heeled! so cute! Here are some examples of the different oxford shoes I like. Left/flats Middle/booties Right/heeled. Click on the pictures for links.

fall post11fall post10fall post7



Here are some examples of outfits I love and will try to emulate.


I really like the plaid skirt! Plaid is one of my favorite things! I have always been drawn to it on the thrift store racks. I had too many plaid blouses for my own good! LOL! I will say now though that Plaid skirts are hard to find at thrift stores! I have been looking for years and only come across a few and they haven’t fit. I am still on the hunt and will probably resort to online shopping. I will probably try ebay. I can sometimes find what I am looking for there. Also, this outfit features something else that I like a lot. Cardigans! They are awesome! Great for layering and I wear them all the time!

fall post 4

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This outfit is so adorable! Again, it features plaid in the scarf. I plan on making some plaid blanket scarves for the fall and winter months. They are uber popular right now! The blouse and Solid colored skirt is really nice. The navy skirt is also something on my list that I haven’t found yet. I will probably make one if I can’t find one.

fall post 3

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Another High waisted skirt and blouse combo! I really like the pretty colors! This outfit would look great with oxfords!

fall post 2

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Another plaid skirt and oxford combo! LOVE IT! On my “to get: list is a Burgundy Cardigan as well.

fall post 1

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Last but not least! Another Solid colored High-waisted skirt with a plaid shirt. This one looks so classy. I love this! Would be great with boots.

fall post

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Click on the picture to go to my Fall pinterest board! I almost can’t wait to wear all these cute warmer clothes!

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What do you have planned for this fall? What are some of your favorite styles?


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