Hello Ladies! Here is the second installment of my Fall Outfit Inspiration! This post is focused on the more casual look I am wanting to wear. Jeans or Leggings and Bulky sweaters or tunics.



I love this first one. The Burgundy color is one of my favorites! I am still on the lookout for a burgundy sweater! I got a beret that color and it really is my color. According to all of those Pinterest color charts and what a few of my family members and friends said, Fall colors suit me. This happens to be one of the best for my skin tone and eye color. The boots, the scarf, the sweater. Sigh.





This gal is super cute and has a lot of adorable outfits! I really love this tunic! The color is adorable and the cut just so cute! It has my name and style written all over it. Girly, lacy and ruffly. I probably won’t find one like it but a girl can dream right?

fall post 5



The top would need to be longer in this outfit for my standards, however I love the look. Something about denim, camel cardigan and floral scarf makes me happy! Boot socks and boots! So pretty!




I follow this gals blog as well and I really like some of her style. The plaid blanket scarf, sweater (which I have one very similar, jeans and boots is such a cute effortless look! Definitely will be wearing a similar outfit this fall!~




Adore everything about this outfit! SOOOOOOO cute! The dress, the boots, the scarf and hat! Eek! I will go for a little less of a heel on my boots, but I really love the lace on the bottom of the dress and the dress is so cute. I am going to attempt to make a dress similar! Denim jacket always makes everything better! With leggings, I do believe I will be wearing an outfit very similar to this!




These sweaters/Jumpers are so pretty and I hope to find some similar. Although because we heat with a wood stove, the house gets REALLY warm in the winter. Sometimes, I just wear a t shirt on top, that’s how hot it gets! Plus, I am a warm blooded girl!




Can I just say that this tunic top is so adorbs!  Will probably be making one in the near future! I just think it is so pretty. Probably because I am on a bohemian rampage right now! And the booties!




I just love this outfit. The pretty floral feminine tunic and slouchy sweater. And riding boots! Picture perfect! I love it!



I am really looking forward to the cooler weather and warmer clothes. Although right now, the temp has gone back up to mid 80’s. So it might be a little while yet. Smile Soon and very soon though my friends!


What is something you can’t wait to wear for fall?

Do you like cooler weather?


By His Grace,