Mealtimes are really special in our family. Dinner is the one time we get for everyone to gather around the table and talk about the day and what went on then. We wait till everyone is home from their jobs to eat so Everyone can be there. We are also huge foody’s Smile. Watching TV for us is watching different shows from the Food Network. Often times on Sunday nights (which is what we call our family night) we curl up downstairs with blankets and eat popcorn while watching famous chefs cook and compete on the shows. Mama is a great cook and has always tried to include us in the process so that we learn to cook and are prepared to do that for our own families someday. Even my brothers have been trained under her tutelage. This recipe is one of the few I have down from memory and it is considered one of my specialties. So without further ado,


Easy Beef Stroganoff


~1/2 onion, chopped

~3-4 lb. of Ground Beef

~Olive Oil for sautéing



~Pasta or starch of your choice. (There are also many options of Gluten Free Pasta’s out there. Tinkyada is one of our favorites.) (It is Fabulous over baked potatoes and I even eat it over Zucchini noodles. Just the best!)

~4 Tbs. of Butter

~4 Tbs. of Flour

~3-4 cups of Beef or Chicken Stock

~1 cup of Sour Cream


First step is to chop and sauté your onions in a little bit of olive oil.




Add plenty of Salt and Pepper. Be generous here. The pepper is what gives the Stroganoff it’s distinct taste.




You are also going to want to get the water boiling for the pasta. (If you are having baked potatoes, put those in the oven first) (If you are eating it over Zucchini or another vegetable, wait till later to steam those.)




Once the onions are cooked through and no longer crunchy, put in your 3-4 lb.s of ground beef. Stir occasionally until cooked.



When you Beef is almost done, set up a strainer and a container to catch the grease. Then strain your beef.




Put your now empty pan back on the heat and put in the butter to melt. (This process is called making a rue, and it is the thickening agent. If you are gluten free, you could just as easily use a cornstarch mixture or Arrowroot)


Add your flour and whisk. Wait for the butter to bubble a little bit more until it takes on a brownish color.



Now pour in your Beef or Chicken Broth. Whisk and leave the heat up until it starts to simmer. Put in plenty of salt and pepper to taste.



If your sauce gets too thick too quick, turn down your heat and add some more broth. If it is not getting thick enough for you liking. Turn up the heat until it simmers and be patient. It will thicken.

Next, we are going to add our Sour Cream in and whisk it in. Taste your sauce and season it to your liking. You want that peppery bite. Your sauce is now complete.



Check on the pasta and get that going. Follow package directions.


Now that your sauce is complete, add the cooked Ground Beef and stir it in.







Serve over your pasta (or whatever Starch or Veg you choose,) and enjoy!



Let me know if you try this recipe! I would love to hear how you liked it!

By His Grace,