Fashion Friday: Comfy in Blush

Who all  likes outfit posts? I have been sadly remiss in those lately, but that is about to change! I am no longer relegated to the barren wasteland of “all black” clothing and I couldn’t not be happier. I have banned myself from buying anything new in black except for pants or shoes. But it’s a rule and I intend to follow it, at least for a while. I hadn’t realized how much being squeezed into the mold of all black sucked the joy out of fashion for me. When I needed to pick a cute outfit for a fancier photoshoot (which hasn’t happened yet unfortunately) I almost had an identity crisis over outfits because I couldn’t find anything I liked on myself anymore. Needless to say, I love cute things and all different kinds of fashion, and I am excited to rediscover what I love when it comes to style.



Chenille Sweater: Thrifted $5
Leggings: Matty brand $15 These leggings have lasted me over two years now and are still going strong!
Boots: Cato’s $8
Hair Scrunchie: Amazon. I love this pack they are literally mine and my sisters favorite things in the whole world right now!

Are you excited for more outfit posts?

By God’s Grace,