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Welcome to day one of Five Fall Favorites! This book related blog party is being hosted by Rebekah over at Read Another Page. Rebekah Morris and Kate Willis are phenomenal at throwing these parties and being an avid book lover, I couldn’t help but join in! So grab your favorite book and join me with some tea and a scone for my list today! Here is my best chair for you to recline in while we chat!


Today I am going to be sharing with you Five of my favorite historical books. I am so excited because I am probably posting my favorite category first. Historical always will have a special place in my heart because I grew up reading beautiful stories that were written in times past. I have no idea how that came about, but I delved deep into books that were published in the early 20th century or late 19th century. The stories are stunning and don’t get enough recognition. That being said, historical fiction has continued to be a favorite of mine as I have started to delve more into the modern publishing world and the treasures that exist.


So without further ado, here are five of my favorite historical reads!


Freckles by Gene Stratton Porter


This charming read is full of heart, has beautiful characters and an even more beautiful setting. The Limblerlost forest almost seems to become a character in it’s own right as Miss Porter drops lovely descriptions of God’s creation like pearls on a string. Interspersed among these pearls are the heart warming characters, their struggles and Freckles life as he makes friends, (and enemies) lives an abundant life and ultimately finds a family and love.

Three People by Isabella Alden


This book is one with a very strong temperance message which for the times, was quite scandalous (in a good way) and much needed as depravity and drink and the ensuing addiction was destroying families and lives. Following the lives of three men born on the same day, one into wealth, one into the middle class, and one to the poorest of the poor, we see how they journey through life. We find that God’s son came for everyone, despite of class or monetary status. And we also find that the evils of this world can affect everyone regardless of those same differences.

A Name Unknown by Roseanna M. White


Spies, the stirring of World War One, thieves and an author are all rolled into one masterfully told tale that pulls at your heart strings, intrigues you with it’s suspense and ultimately has you begging for more. Peter, the loveable author who get’s lost in his own world (which I found so endearing and relatable) and Rosemary, the talkative, librarian (or is she) with a secret to keep are thrown together in this tale of finding the truth, keeping secrets, and the light of Christ making a difference through you in this world.


The Hidden Hand by EDEN Southworth


This story which was originally published in two parts and separate titles back in the day, is a phenomenal story of secrets, intrigue, family and the Hidden hand of Christ moving in all of us. This tale will sweep you away and not put you down again till you reach the end. It’s just that good. I can’t even begin to go into describing it more because it’s so multifaceted and has so many moving parts. But you have to read this at least once in your life. You might also want to have a dictionary handy. 😀 There are some awesomely large and unusual words in here that will delight the heart of any word nerd.

The Millie Keith Series


Based on the original stories by Martha Finley who was a best selling Christian author of the 19th century, these books were slightly reworked with a more modern audience in mind. Without losing any of the charm of the old feel, these books inspired a new generation of young women in their walk with the Lord. Millie was always far more relatable to me than Elsie (the perfect child who I still dearly love by the way) with her struggles, her joys, and her life that she lived in a way that had a heart seeking after God and His perfect plan. The history is fascinating and brings to mind such things as Little House on the Prairie and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman with a Christian background. I have literally read these books more than five times each and they continue to delight my heart even as an adult.


There you have it! My Five Fall Favorite’s Historical Edition.

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By God’s Grace,