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Welcome to the final day of Five Fall Favorites! I am so excited that you joined me for this bonus post as I share with you my top five reads of THE YEAR so far! I’m super stoked, so grab you beverage of choice, your lacy parasol (sorry, just what comes to mind when I think of boats) and come meet me at the boats for a lovely float and chat! 😀



Exiles by Jaye L. Knight

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Like what even did I just read? It took me an entire year since this baby released for me to read it, but it was worth the wait. I was able to give it my undivided attention and it did not disappoint. Jaye is an author that I hugely look up to and I am always blown away by how fascinating and attention stealing her books are. I had a hard time putting it down as she blended heart pounding action with characters that have gripped our hearts fast and won’t’ let go. If you have yet to delve into this series, it’s a must! Jaye was the one who showed me how much I enjoyed certain kinds of fantasy.

White Wolf and the Ash Princess by Tammy Lash

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I almost have no words for this book, but I am going to link to my original review because I can’t really say it much better than that. This book had my heart from the first chapter and it’s author drove me to tears. I was literally a sobbing mess by the end of the book. In a good way. If anyone knows anything about me, it’s that I’m super empathetic and enjoy stories that rip my heart out. This one did that.

Not By Sight by Kate Breslin

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Historical fiction, gorgeous cover, beautiful prose. . . Need I say more? This story had so much intrigue and I was so curious as to what was going on. Pair that with a feisty heroine and a blind hero and my heart is yours. One of my favorite historical books that I’ve read in quite some time.

A Song Unheard by Roseanna M. White

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THIS SERIES HAS MY HEART! Historical fiction at it’s finest, I was also super in love with book one and book three came out later this year of which you can read my review here. I just want to live in these books. They are also super close in time period to London in the Dark, so that makes it doubly exciting!

Voices From the Titanic by Jim Walker

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Again, another book that takes place during the Edwardian period which has a ton of charm to me due to London in the Dark taking place during that time. In the aftermath of the titanic, the reporter who was the hero for book one of this series had to unravel the conspiracy of the sinking. What he discovers is more than he bargained for.


Well then! Five books that I adored that I read this year! Some of these were even life-changing from a fiction standpoint for me. What are some that you read for the first time this year that you would classify as a favorite?

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