I would like to start of by apologizing for my rather lengthy absence. Sigh. So many things happened. Its like someone grabbed my life by the tail, spun it around, shook it up and then dumped it back in the here and now. Or another and slightly more boring metaphor would be that someone pulled the rug out from underneath me for a few weeks.


https://rufflesandgrace.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/15b45-animegirlsick.jpg  / https://littlecloudcuriosity.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/anime-girl-with-car-reading-map.jpeg

I went on a trip! My big bro was sweet enough to drive to Georgia with me so I could visit my best friend and her family! He had fun too so don’t worry. Smile We had a blast!  I will do a recap post that goes into more detail. Julia and I really did have so much fun and I cherish the memories we made together! Despite the fact that I was sick for a part of my visit (think stomach bug and fever) we did so much and accomplished so many of the things we wanted to. Looking at the bright side of my being sick, it actually allowed us to kick back, chill and not try to fill every waking minute with craziness. We were able to chill, watch movies, play games, and just chat together.

When Luke (big bro) and I finally arrived home, we walked into a house full of people sick with the flu. Only a few of them were able to stand long enough for me to hug them. Poor dears. We were convinced that I already had the flu while I was away, so I jumped in to help out. Unfortunately, a few days later, I fell hard with the cursed flu. Confused smile For a week I was dizzy, achy, and feverish with a hacking cough. ‘nough said. It was nasty.

So that is where I have been. I am finally able to dig into real life again after a sabbatical of several weeks. Aside from being able to do cleaning and organizing and dishes again, I have so many things I want to do. I have sewing projects galore running around my head. I want to start sewing bags and wallets again so I can beat the spring crush before we start going to sales. A dress, some skirts and other fun stuff is on my to-do list too. I am working on finishing up typing my novel and I have already started the editing process. It just feels so good to be able to plan and accomplish again! After 1.5 weeks of limbo when I wasn’t strong enough to do anything, washing dishes and doing laundry feels like a privilege. Smile Blogging is also something I can’t wait to get back to! I have some fun stuff coming your way!

It feels good to be able to post here again!

By His Grace,