How To Escape Writer’s Block

Heyo! How about some awesome writing tips on how to escape writers block?!

You’ve been there. I’ve been there. It stinks. You are staring at the paper, your brain is telling you that it wants to write, your heart is telling you to write, your goals are telling you to write, but you can’t get more than a few words out before you backspace them completely and stare at the blank page again because they were utter trash. You can’t get a flow and all you want is to be swept away by your writing.

1~ New setting/Change of scenery.

Sometimes all we need is to change where we are. If you are anything like me, you have a chair or a spot where you always go to write. And while that works 99% of the time, sometimes you just feel dead creatively. Pick somewhere completely new. It might take you a few moments to acclimate, but go with it. Sometimes it can be the most cathartic thing to find a new spot. Coffee shops, even another room of house. Pick something different that might be a bit uncomfortable, but it might just push you out of the nest and get you creative.

2~ Fresh Music

I love music to help me write. Mix it up, try something new, find a soundtrack that embodies the emotion of the scene you are trying to write.

3 ~ Pinterest Board

Start a Pinterest board. You can find my folder of WIP boards here! Aesthetics and certain visuals can really give you an awesome inspiration. It is so awesome to see what might be happening in your story and often it really gets the juices flowing.

4 ~ Try plotting ahead

I know I know. All you pantsters, put your swords, dragons and other various weapons of mass destruction away and hear me out. I’m not talking about an in depth plot that gives you every detail and takes a year to complete. I’m talking about a few sentences per chapter. Just start thinking big picture for a little while instead of zoomed in on individual sentences. It will help you get more of a flow and get things moving instead of slogging through all that description and not knowing where you are going. This change of pace will change things for you. Sometimes just looking at it in a different perspective makes all the difference. Even try starting at where you want to end up and work backwards. That twists my brain too much sometimes so I don’t do that often, but start thinking big picture instead of focusing on the here and now.

5 ~ Set up a background or a visual board.

I don’t use Scrivener, but I have heard you can set a background on there. Choose an image that embodies the mood you are going for and use that. Or, if you are like me, I create a collage and either print it off to look at while I write and while my eyes wander, or have it on the background of my computer screen. Mood is a thing ya’ll. Just sayin.

So there you have it! Five ways to escape writer’s block! What are some ways that you use to get your flow going?

By God’s Grace,