Last week I had a super full week. I usually stick closer to home, but I was all over the place and what I would consider “crazy busy”. With God’s grace I was able to handle it pretty well.

So much was going on. My sisters and I deep cleaned two houses, I had several Dr. appointments, I helped my dearest Nana because she just had knee surgery, we had Littles (aka, my niece and nephew) over for quite a few days, and numerous other busy stuff going on. I listed only about half of it. In addition to that stuff, several people that I know are battling heavy issues and it was starting to weigh down my spirit.

Saturday night, I was listening to a video by the Freckled Fox about how their family was doing and I finally lost it. I started crying to my mom, so hurting and overwhelmed. She was able to talk me through my emotions, (it was rather late in the evening at that point after an exhausting day).

Even when all around me is crazy, broken and even horrendous, I still need to find my trust in God. He is ever faithful and will provide for our every need. He knows what we need before we ask for it. He cares about every sparrow, how much more for us? I need to keep my eyes focused on who He is and what He has done, not on my current troubles. It is ok to weep and mourn, but it only endures for the night. Joy comes in the morning. I don’t need to hide or stuff my pain, but I need to be able to lean on God and overcome, rise above.

I can seek Him in prayer and fortify my faith by reading encouraging words in scripture. I have mentioned before how hard it can be when all you can do is pray, I need to hold close those time when His faithfulness has been evident. Reading this post that I wrote earlier this year has encouraged me.

I just heard the news. My sister-in-law’s mama went to see Jesus this evening. I am so happy for her. The thought of her in heaven getting to see Jesus and worship before the throne of God. In an instant she was there with Him. Tears again. If you think of it, please keep her family in your prayers.

Choosing to say, “I trust you Lord” Even when it seems so hard.

The words of “I surrender all” are running through my head.

By God’s Grace,