Life has been busy lately. But when is it ever NOT busy? Smile In this season of life I have been just happy to hang out and enjoy what God has for me day to day. It has not always been so. I have been discontented and always searching for the next best thing. Wanting to do more, be more, create more. God kind of gave me a word this year and it was “wait”. So instead of trying to make something new happen, I have been learning to just wait and enjoy what happens day to day. Here are some of those “day to day” moments.



Our garden has been producing TONS of tomatoes! Did I say TONS? Like, we cannot keep up with them! We have canned quite a few, and when we ran out of jars, we started freezing them. There are still several bushes that need to be cleaned of their fruit in the garden. It is quite the production. All of us working together to peel, cut, cook, can, and freeze. Did I mention clean-up? There is always a clean up job to do!




Working on a dress for my little sis! My “little” brother is graduating and she has wanted a dress for a while! It is her birthday present! Happy Birthday Belle!



I had lots of bread to make for a customer and some to put in our own freezer. 3 batches and 15 loaves later the kitchen smelled fabulous and I couldn’t resist tasting some Raisin Cinnamon Whole Wheat Homemade Bread! Still warm with butter on it???? OH MY WORD! IT tasted great!




Boatloads of Tomatoes! Anyone want some? LOL!



Our mama cat had kittens! Sweet little fluffy balls of cuddliness.



Look at this sweetie! This is Lottie and she is the sweetest kitten! She loves attention and it is so fun to play with her.




Our raspberry plants are producing their last fall Hurrah! Fun to walk by and just snack on a few! There aren’t that many, just enough for a treat every now and then.




My little brother, Elijah put Lottie in my apron pocket and she fell asleep while I walked around. Cutie!



Lacto-Fermented Saur Kraut going on the hutch counter! This stuff is so yummy ya’ll!!!! I love it! I eat it with a grilled turkey/cheese sandwich for lunches and, with, well anything else I need some Veggies with. I will probably share the recipe here eventually! Tastes great and is so GOOD for you! Win win!



Fishtail braid and pretty new necklace from my sweet friend Julia! Thanks Jewels! I love it!



My “time to go shopping outfit” I have really been loving pulling out my cowboy boots to wear now. Because fall is on it’s way (despite the fact it was 85* her in Michigan this week) wearing boots is permissible. I will miss the effortlessness of flip flops though. (pouty face)



What have you been busy with lately?


By His Grace,