So much has happened in the last month or more. Sheesh! I don’t even know where to start and how much to share or anything. There is just so much that God has done. So much growing, changing, season shifting, big life changes, all that crazy stuff. . . like, wow! So I guess I’ll just dive in and try to make some sense as well as shorten some of the crazy amount of things I could share.


I left my job. There was a lot that lead into the decision, but let’s just suffice it to say that in addition to a lot of stress that it was creating on my mind and heart, there needed to be a change. There was nowhere for me to move up there and I really felt the need to find a job that I could support myself on solely if I was presented with the need to have to live on my own or that type of thing. I don’t intend on leaving home at this point, but I felt like I needed something that utilized my skills and gave me more security. I also had no ability to work full time and that was something that I feel like needed to happen as well. I started looking and applying in January and just kept praying that what God had for me would present itself. It got to the point that even though I didn’t have a for sure job lined up, I needed to be done at the salon so I put in my two weeks and thankfully that went pretty smoothly, all things considered. A job that I had been interviewed for that I had been super excited about had turned me down last minute, but I felt like the trigger had already been pulled at that point and I didn’t want to back out of my decision because getting to the decision to quit in the first place was a momentous and intense process.

I had a few weeks in limbo as I kept applying, but also just rested from my labors for a while. I also got the opportunity to watch my niece for two days each week for a 5 week period as my sister in law went to a nurse training program. It was amazing and  I will treasure those memories forever. I miss it so much and it’s only been a week at the time of writing this that I have been done babysitting Lyric. She is such a precious doll and I am going to miss singing with her, dancing all over the house with her and having parrot conversations and tickle sessions in the living room. I’ll still see her of course, but not having those special times anymore has been hard.

I randomly reached out to a company that I have heard good things about. A coworker from my previous job constantly talked them up as her husband worked there and when looking at their website I had seen that there was a receptionist position open. I called and almost immediately got an interview at the same time I had another interview being set up.  They both ended up being on the same day, but one quickly and surely rose to the top of my list. They called me the next day and I had the job! And it wasn’t a receptionist position! I am now the Finance Assistant to several finance managers at an RV Dealership. It’s a great place to work, everyone is so friendly and there is nowhere near as much drama and craziness that occurred at my old job. I’ve only been there for a little over a week and the immediate difference has been astounding to me. I no longer have this feeling of constantly looking over my shoulder and I never feel like I can’t wait to get home. This Friday, I actually had the thought that I was going to miss it over the weekend and I have already settled into a daily routine that I love and can sustain in a healthy way. The amount of mental freeness that has come as a result of this change is kind of astounding.


I tried to get some steam going on writing projects in February, but then fell off the bandwagon as it was around the same time I was going through a lot of stress with my job and all I wanted to do when I got home was collapse in bed emotionally and physically exhausted. But after a lot of March off from that craziness, I was able to clear my mind and start thinking about writing again with some excitement. At the end of the month, I had a super awesome day of inspiration and in two days time outlined an entire novel! I am super excited to write it, but as I am halfway through with a novella that I am working on, I decided to finish that first. I also joined Camp Nano this month and have gotten pretty excited about it! So far so good! I am on a reasonable tract to meet my goal which was 15,000 words. I am hoping to get a little ahead as I am going on vacation later in the month and I don’t want to have that hanging over my head the entire time that I am gone. But it has been going well so far! Any writing counts, so I have been including my blog post dumping into my word count as quite a bit of that is fiction as well and it is something that takes a concerted effort to sit down and create.


I have several blog tours booked in the months to come and have been working with Hailey Rose to create a new cover for one of her books that she will be releasing soon. I have also been working on a super secret project for another friend/client that is HUGE and GORGEOUS and I literally cannot wait to share. *sits on my hands to keep myself from posting pictures* I honestly cannot wait until she gives me the go ahead to start sharing about it. I don’t know that I have ever had a project that excites me as much as this one has. 😀


A lot of this category was covered in the work section, but life has been good! God is doing such a work in my heart and in my family and it has been so cool to be on this journey together of discovering more of His heart, learning to hear his voice more, and devoting time to worship and spend in his presence. I have also really enjoyed the bible reading program that I am doing this year and I think I can honestly say that I don’t think I have stuck with a reading plan this long before in my life. LOL! I am still on track three+ months in so, yay me!

One of the things that has been noticeably different in my life is my mental state. For reasons listed up above, a lot has shifted and so much of it feels like a weight was lifted off. I didn’t realize how bad it was until my sisters were telling me, “you are just so. . . happy!” I never realized how much it took out of me. But they are right. I come home and I am joyful, exuberant and for lack of a better description, slap happy. The amount of craziness, joking, joy and fun to be had when I am home has increased tenfold. It’s like my joy left the building and now it’s back. It’s kind of been a crazy, but awesome experience. Having that joy is everything and I pray that it never leaves again. Is almost like my true personality has been able to blossom and spring into life now that the heaviness of the spiritual battle I was in is lifted.

In summary, I’ve said this before, but when God gave me the word Warrior this year, I didn’t know what that meant and I was like, “yeah! Warrior princess!” But only a few short weeks into the year I was begging God to take His word back. I didn’t want that mantle, it was too hard. LOL! I know I am so much stronger because of it and even through the process, He has taught me so much and grown me in who He wants me to be. I am so excited for the future and I look forward to what God has next! He is so good and I know He has something spectacular up his sleeve.

Update me on your life! I’d love to hear what God has been doing in your life lately. I love bringing others to my Father in prayer, so if you have any requests, please feel free to leave them below! This is a safe place and I want there to be able to be a mutual sharing of hearts. <3

I love you all so much!

By God’s Grace,