March Favorites

Who is ready for some favorites from this month!? Some of them were spectacular and I am so stoked to share them with you. I’ll try not to get too long winded. *hides* I only said I would try. 😉


Cinematic Songs (Vol. 5) by Tommee Profitt

A great conglomeration of their music. I used to listen to Mr. Profitt all the time, and it was always super cool knowing he came from my home town. 😀 But this album has hit so many sweet spots for me this month. Though, I have to say that there is one song I skip because it creeps me out. LOL!

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Awakening by Amanda Lindsey Cook

This song. I. Cannot. Even. It gives me the chills every time and makes me want to cry and dance all at the same time.


Without Words: Synesthesia by Bethel Music

This has been a daily friend to me this month. While working or chilling, this one has been played a lot.

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~Movies and TV Shows~

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

This was way better than I expected! All the relationships had me wanting to cry and give everyone a hug not to mention I laughed during this movie more than I have at anything else recently. So good!

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Captain Marvel

I always hold my breath when a female hero rises to the theaters. With ever increasing agendas constantly being pushed, I never know what to expect. But Captain Marvel settled into that sweet spot for me. She was still feminine, gentle, and her quiet, sweet voice made me so happy with the casting of this hero. And it’s just super cool. Definitely one of Marvel’s more tame movies, which I am happy about because it means younger siblings can watch it too. 😀 And you gotta love Goose, the cat. LOL!

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100 Days to Brave by Annie F. Downs

This book is so good, ya’ll! I think everyone needs to read this at least once. So encouraging. I love how God can use daily devotionals and have them somehow correlate crazily accurately to what is going on in life at that exact moment. He’s so cool like that. 😀

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My new phone

Finally got a new phone because mine was dying and started actually crashing more than ten times a day, which wasn’t good while driving to interviews and needing a navigational system as well as just needing to communicate. LOL! So this new phone is such a relief to have!

An organized and cleaned out closet

I just organized my closet and purged so much! I am so happy to have it all easy to find and know what I have! I got rid of so much and it could not make me happier. By-by black! (don’t worry, I kept quite a bit).