I wanted to share with Y’all what my black Friday buys were! I made a few splurges on myself and am so happy with them!!!! Let’s get started!


I got some Lamplighter Theatre Audio Dramas!!! The deal was basically just free shipping, but I have been eyeing these for a while. Jessica’s Journey especially. That one is based on two books by Hesba Stretton that had a huge and profound impact on my young self when I read them at the young age of 9 or 10. I heard the promo for it a year ago and almost cried, it brought the imaginings of my heart to life! I have listened to it and it was amazing! We will be listening to the Candle in the Window which is a Christmas story as a family!



I got these two books from Costco a little while ago, it was actually before Black Friday, but the deal was so good and I couldn’t resist sharing them. Earlier this year, I read the ENTIRE book of Les Miserables and though it was quite a large task/goal that I set for myself, and even though it took me 3 months, I enjoyed it immensely! Now I have a pretty copy to put on my shelf! Also, Sherlock Holmes has been on my must read list and now I have them all in one volume! Also, a pretty shelf ornament!



I got these pretty Jewelry pieces from an Etsy Shop called Droplette. Her Jewelry is so pretty and very nicely priced, which my pocket book is thankful for! I don’t know why I love these pineapple earrings, but I do! And you know how I love bracelets!!!! Can’t wait to wear these beauties! Check out her shop she has great things for gifts!



Now for the largest and awesomest thing that I bought! EEK! I am so in love with this Octowand NuMe Curling Wand Set!!!!!! It is this hairstylists dreams come true!!!! I got it for $99 including shipping instead of its original price of $300! They have awesome sales going on now for the holidays! All of their tools are the cat’s meow I have heard and they have some smaller sets that are much cheaper if you want a great curling tool. I have heard that they sold out of the Octowand, but have also heard that the Titan 3 is awesome, as is the Lustrum set. Shameless plug here, I am not getting paid to say this great stuff about NuMe, I just love my tool! I have curled my hair twice, my moms twice and each of my sisters numerous times! They are happy with their curls too! I used it last night for all three of us girls who went to a Christmas tea together. I used a different attachment for each of us, and our hair looked great!!!! Seriously, I could not be happier with this awesome curling wand! I feel like it is a magic wand! LOL!




What about you? Did you get anything awesome for Black Friday?

By His Grace,