My Favorite Writing Tools

Certain things make me happy. Handwritten pages full of words (that may or may not be completely legible, don’t judge), Pens that glide across the pages, aesthetic pictures, music. . . so many things help me with my writing and make my heart sing. Today, in our writing themed week, I wanted to share with you my favorite writing tools!

My Favorite Writing Tools



Here are a list of some of my favorite pens and why. Pens are important people and I get extremely territorial about them. Just ask my co-workers. I keep a notebook nearby when at work so that I can jot down to-do lists and other necessities so I don’t’ lose my mind when I forget them all. If someone takes my pen, even for a moment, I am not a happy camper. Don’t touch ma pens. Just sayin’. And don’t laugh. I get serious about my pens.

Pilot G2 – these glide the best for me and can actually keep up with my fast writing without being splotchy with the ink or dry and scratchy.

Uni-ball gel pens – These are a similar principle to the G2’s, but they just feel so good when they glide.



My favorite notebooks for list-keeping are the small journal size like some of these.

but I still LOVE legit notebook traditional sized for drafting, plotting and character sketching. My current favorite ones I get from Dollar General, but you can find similar ones here. Oh, and they have to be college ruled. . . I can’t stand wide ruled. Don’t ask me why. I have no idea.


~Collage Maker~

BeFunky – this collage maker has been loads of fun and I love using it for making photo collages for aesthetic purposes while I am writing. I love making them, but it is nice to be able to print them as well and place them in your binder or other prominent places where you can look at them and see them often.



This kind of goes without saying, I love making boards and I use this all the time. You can find out more about it in the post I wrote last week about how to escape writers block.


~Google Docs~

Don’t get me wrong. I love Microsoft word and I put all of my writing there in one form or another. But in this part of my life where I needed something I could access from different computers in different places, Google Docs has become my thing. For drafting and blog post writing, it is on a webpage and attached to my email account so I can access it wherever, and whenever I need. On my phone, on my tablet and on my laptop as well as other computers if I happen to be staying somewhere away from my computer. I don’t like being without the option to take note of something or jot something down, and syncing word docs amongst devices just isn’t an option. The one thing I don’t like about this is the formatting is a beast to transfer over when I start interior formatting for publication. But that’s a small price to pay for the convenience it affords me. I draft all of my blog posts in Google Docs and have a file of them that has each post in the table of contents so I can easily navigate around them and find what I am looking for.



Those who know me well know that music is the life blood of my writing. Without it, I don’t say this lightly when I say that none of my books would exist without the music that was playing while I wrote them. Music ignites a creativity in me that connects the dots of emotions, my brain and my feelings, creating the perfect catalyst for writing.

Headphones – for years I loved the Senheiser in ear headphones and I still use them for when I am using my laptop or my tablet. But my Anker Soundbuds have been a lifesaver because I use my phone for music 90% of the time and it doesn’t have an aux input. I would highly recommend these headphones. The sound output on them is fantastic, and the noise blocking excellent.

Spotify – This is my music service of choice. I find it the easiest to use and customize. Amazon music, Apple Music and Pandora (which I hate) just never did it for me. Spotify has so many features that are fun for authors. From their Spotify curated playlists that I use quite a bit, to the option to create your own, they are just the best option for me. I love that I can create a playlist for specific works in progress and keep that musical inspiration in one place.


Well ya’ll. There you have it! My favorite writing tools! What are some tools that you love for your writing? Make sure to share them below as I always love new writing related awesomeness. 😀

By God’s Grace,


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