I am a huge Roseanna M. White fan and have been ever since I read A Name Unknown. You can read my review of that book here as well as book 2 and 3. 

I was not disappointed in the least when it came to her newest release that I have been anticipating since I read A Song Unheard and got to be a bit acquainted with Margot. She fascinated me from the first time I met her and I knew that whatever her story, I would be blown away and in love. 

The book did not disappoint. It was a masterpiece of characterization and I love Margot even more now that I did before. I can relate to a lot of her introverted tendencies as well as some of her quirks in the way that she saw the world of fashion and society, really resonated with me.

The brilliance of characterization really came into play with the numbers and code side of things. Her brain works so differently than ours and I know Roseanna had said in the end letter of the book that it was difficult for her to write the character, not really knowing or understanding numbers the way Margot does, but she did an outstanding job and blew me away. 

Drake’s character, his sister Dot, their friend Red and the star of the upcoming book, Kamden, have me all excited and overjoyed to have read such an awesome book!

Think spies, World War 1, historical eye candy and code-breaking with just the perfect amount of love and suspense thrown into the mix to season it up. This book will be one that I treasure on my shelf as well as one that I can’t wait to read again!

Five giant stars for Miss White’s new book! 

Which brings me to my exciting news. I have a copy to give away! I am so excited to offer this! Enter to win below and leave a comment with your favorite aspect of historical fiction. What do you enjoy most about historical fiction?

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