Once I knew // part 2

Guess what? You know that writing prompt I started a few weeks ago that you all begged for more of? Well, It kind of *ahem* turned into a book. LOL! So here ’tis! Part two of what I hope to be a serial story of medieval proportions. 😀 Who is ready for an epic kingdom adventure?! Introducing, the now titled work, Once I Knew part two. If you missed part one, you can check it out here.


Leading the horse beside her, she could sense it’s skittishness. Violet held the reins tight in her right hand as she followed the broken trail of branches and twigs that the horse had made on it’s frightened path through the woods. The blood that had been on the saddle made her nerves tighten up like the balls of wool yarn that Granny wrapped too tight. The cool of the forest tickled her skin with it’s breezy fingers and the smell of the elm and the pine was strong in her nostrils.

The light flickered through the branches and leaves up above with little rays capturing dust motes here and there. It would be beautiful if it weren’t so sinister. Her heart was in her throat and she tried to swallow it down, but to no avail. The horse snorted suddenly when her foot stepped on a twig and her pulse jumped through her veins.

“Shhh. . .” she comforted the animal with a soothing cooing sound and a soft pat to the neck. The animal settled, but Violet could tell it was still nervous. His nostrils flared and thought she could no longer see the whites of his eyes, the constant twitching of his head betrayed the beast’s senses.

And if the horse didn’t feel safe, then she knew enough not to feel safe herself.

A bird flew into the air off to her left and she gasped, looking in that direction when she tripped over a log and sprawled out on the forest floor, the horse half rearing and letting out a nervous whinny over her stumbling fall. A slight dizziness assuaged her as she tried to untangle herself from the sticks, rubble and creepy crawlies of the forest floor and unhook her shoe from her skirt.

She looked over and almost passed out at the sight of a white face with closed eyes lolled over the very same log she had tripped over. Shoving away from the body she scrambled to her feet and stepped behind the horse, who maneuvered in a hop step away from the body as well. She gulped in deep breaths, peering around the animal that was now her living shield, she tried to calm herself. He hadn’t moved.

Once her pulse had calmed a bit, thoughts still racing, she stepped towards the man. If he was still alive, he must surely be injured, else he wouldn’t still be unconscious from the fall. If this was the horses rider, judging from the blood on the saddle she had noticed earlier, he had to be injured somewhat severely.