Genre: Memoir
Publisher: Revell
Publication Year: 2018
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5 stars

This book was a tender re-evaluation of how we treat others.

Shawn Smucker did not come at it with a “let me fix your problems, self-help book” way. Instead, his tender-hearted approach to telling his and Mohammed’s story made it even more touching and broke down any barriers and stereotypes that may cloud the vision of anyone who picks up this book.

With a kind-hearted and easy flow, this book took us back and forth between Mohammed’s story of being a refugee who fled Syria and made it to the US, to present day moments of Shawn’s interaction with him and his family. It felt like the author invited us in for a cup of coffee and told us his story. It had such a homey and comfortable feeling.

Many of us today have stereotypical thoughts in our head, whether we are open minded or not. In a very gently way, through his own self examination, the author took us through some areas where we may better learn to be the kind of neighbor that God would wish us to be. Putting the other person first and serving humbly. But more importantly, being willing to be a friend.

An easy read and one that succeeded in making me step back and examine my own life and how I might do better in being a true neighbor. It also taught me a respect and a compassion for the refugees and what they have gone through to get to where they are. I strongly encourage you to check this book out and give it a read. Definitely a thought provoking, and educating read.

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By God’s Grace,