This outfit is just super comfortable and easy to work in. I also feel very confident in I as well which is great! I got this shirt at a thrift store last summer and I looked up what the words on the front say. I figured they were French and when I translated them (thank you Google) It meant “see the Joy”. I thought it was such a beautiful phrase and a great reminder! Often times we get discouraged when we look around us and see only the things that need fixing, the things others did wrong, or the evil. But we need to keep our eyes open to seeing the Joy in our lives. Find the joyful things in life! Take time to notice the little things, take delight in them and praise the Lord for His gifts!


This hairstyle was funny how it came about. I did something completely different with three braids and hated how it looked, so I took all but one braid out, pulled it into a pony tail and made my favorite messy bun. I ended up super happy with how it turned out!


Outfit Details:

Striped shirt: thrifted $1

Denim Skirt: Fresh Apparel Denim Company $40 (and well worth the money)

Tank: 1.99 from Forever 21

Leggings: $4 from Walmart


I have just got to brag about this skirt a little bit. I bought it from another blogger who I like to think of as a friend. She is so much like me that I have so much fun reading her blog. She designed a denim skirt pattern which I bought and made my own, but then she started manufacturing them with all American made materials. I bought this skirt from her and it really is the best denim skirt ever! It fits to my measurements and is just so comfortable and flattering. I just love it so much! It is well worth the extra money as it is made out of the highest quality materials available. Honestly, it might be hard to justify buying one because of the price, but it really is worth it! If you are looking for the perfect Denim skirt, search no more! Ok, nough said, but go check them out Here.


By His Grace,