Howdy all!

I know it has been a long time since I posted, but I figured I would never post if I felt compelled to tell you everything that has happened since my last post. So I am just going to dive in to the present!

Today and Tomorrow is our family’s Shop the Barn Boutique Sale! We have had a blast getting ready and everybody pitches in, from us girls baking up a storm, to the boys shoveling snow, snow, and more snow! We bumped our sale back 3 weeks in hopes to avoid the snow and cold. It didn’t work. Living in Michigan makes the weather awfully “changeable”. If you are a Michigander you know EX-actly what I am talking about.Winking smile

I absolutely love the way my little booth looks! It is so adorable! Complete with a sweet little pink chandelier that fits me and my things perfectly. I will post a picture of my booth some other time, but tonight I am too lazy and tired to go take a picture.

Here is all the snow we got! Literally woke up and wala! 6 inches of snow. One day fall leaves everywhere and grass and empty trees, the next this. Isn’t God amazing!? So blessed to wake up to this gorgeousness!


On to Friday Faves! These boots that I have worn all day. They were bought brand new from my sweet friend Julia. They are brand new and Dr Scholls so they are wonderfully comfortable! Although, not being used to any heel but my cowgirl boots, they are a bit of a break in. . .


Loving my hair! Rockin’ the six day old hair is something I never thought I would brag about {grin} but I love it! Curls are my fave!


A nice warm fire to come into after having been in a cold barn a lot of the afternoon. Ahhhhh . . . inviting me to kick back and relax.


And my story/novel that I am working on. . . thanks to a challenge with a dear friend, we are both writing for 20 min a day. And if I don’t write, like tonight cause I am exhausted. . . I will make up for it with 40 some day. My story has grown significantly just from the motivation. So fun to see it grow!


Here are my Fave songs of the week. Been listening to them while I bake and wash dishes the last three days.

Owl City feat. Britt Nicole: You’re not alone

I am They: From the Day

Ellie Holcomb: As sure as the Sun

Also this week I have been listening to the Lamplighter Theatre, The White Gypsy. UH-mazingly done and really enjoyed listening while I was knitting/chilling.

Hope to chill and watch a movie with my brother tonight.

By His Grace,