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Today my Partner Post with Julia’s Journal is a book review of one of our favorite books. At Home In Mitford by Jan Karon.


This book really is a pleasure to read. A little slice of small town Americana. We meet a middle-aged Priest at an Episcopalian Church. The book chronicles his life as the Shepherd of his church and of the eccentric people who make up the little, picturesque town of Mitford. Emma, who is a lovable, but opinioned and outspoken woman who dies her hair red for summer (she also loves Little Debbies).  Uncle Billy who always has a joke to share, and His wife Rose, a woman with a troubled past. Miss Sadie, an old tiny woman who has the sweetest heart, loves her vicar, and only cooks frozen food. And Dooley, the incorrigible ward of Father Tim. This book is just packed with characters but they don’t get muddy and they all have their own separate personalities! I say bravo for a job well done with characterization!

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This book really is a treat. The romance in it is so pure and wholesome. Father Tim meets Cynthia, his new neighbor, a children’s book writer and illustrator. They pop through the hedge on many occasions, wearing down a pathway. Father Tim’s dog Barnabas and Cynthia’s cat Violet, don’t see each other as friends the way their masters do. I just really love this book. It really makes you want to go and live in Mitford! It is full of such pleasurable pastimes and great laughs. A few tears and even several “on the edge of your seat” moments make this book a true delight to read! Christian Fiction at it’s finest! I would greatly recommend that you purchase a copy! It is a book I truly treasure on my list of favorites!



Have you read “At Home in Mitford?

If so. . .What did you think of it?

If not, Would you?


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