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So I have had a few things that I purchased recently and I though I would share them with ya’ll! I almost never buy anything from Forever 21, only the cami’s because they are the only ones that I have found that work for me or are inexpensive enough to fit my budget. But I have wanted a few hats like these and never could decide on purchasing them full price. I needed to order cami’s so I found these on their site and decided to buy them. I have wanted hats like these for a year or two now. Here are my purchases!


This hat is first. It is a floppy brimmed wool hat! I love it! Perfect for fall and I already have worn it once! You can buy it here. $15.80


I love this one! I call it my Indiana Jones hat! I just wish I could mold the brim a little so that it would stay in this position! LOL! I love it though! You can see it here. I got it for $15.80 after deductions.



This next item was not from forever 21, it was from Meijer, and I love it! It is perfect for what I wanted! I use it for layering under shirts or tops that are too short for me to comfortably wear them with jeans. I wore it to a baseball game with my game tee and jeans. It was super comfortable and I was grateful for the extra coverage! I will do an outfit with it soon! I think I will get another, it is so useful! I got it on clearance for $10.18



I got these Midi rings from Forever 21 for $5.01. You can see them here. I really like them, and they were a treat for me. I really love the bigger one on my pinkie. I am kinda scared with midi rings that I will lose them, but I still enjoy them!




This Beret was $8.01 after the deductions, (I had a 15% off coupon). I am sorta on the fence about it. I am not sure I like it. I could be wearing it wrong too though. What do you think? I really like the color! You can see it here.



Then, I got my normal order of Cami’s. I have been waiting for these for, like, forever! They were out of stock for quite a while and mine were getting pretty worn. Unfortunately they were out of white so I will have to wait on that. ARGH! I got ivory instead to tide me over. Hopefully I can get by because it will be fall now, so I won’t need the lighter colors. You can find them here for the record price of $1.98.



I got this brush from amazon.com. I am cognizant of natural hair care, and I saw a youtuber recommend this brush. I got it and tried it out. It doesn’t make my hair as frizzy or destroy it like a normal plastic brush does. It was actually quite inexpensive as far as brushes go. $11.80  you can see it here. I really like it and the wood is really pretty!



Wearing some of my purchases and a sneak peak of an upcoming outfit post!



I bought some fabric from Hobby Lobby because it was on sale, so I bought ahead. The Duck Cloth goes on sale rarely, so when it did, I snatched some up. I got zippers to match and I plan on making a wallet and Messenger Bag out of each. My favorite is the purpley one and the plum colored one.



I bought these a while ago, but I still thought I would share. I absolutely LOVE these wrap bracelets from GoModestly.com. They are adorable and fit in perfectly with the bohemian look I like so much. AND, they are always running FABULOUS sales! For instance, here is a link to their Pinterest sale. I wear these all the time! I think I got them for $6 a piece after the coupon and including shipping.



I got these super cute boots from Costco for $14.99. I love them! They are adorable! I really wanted a knock off of HUNTER boots, but couldn’t find any. These rain boots are just what I needed and I think they are neutral enough to go with my outfits. They are so comfortable inside! Fully lined with soft furry like material. My feet just sigh with relief when I put the boots on. So nice! I think I score big with these beauties!



My last purchase! Cinderella Bluray! I cannot wait to see it again! We are going to watch it this week for my little sis’s birthday. I really liked this movie! You can check out my thoughts on it here!



What are some things you have purchased recently?


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