Slay your Day: Productivity Tips

I have had a busy schedule for several years now. With growing businesses, a job and wanting to sow into the lives of friends and families, things can get away from me if I don’t make an effort to stay organized and keep from losing my mind while trying to accomplish so many things. Below are some tips that I have found helpful in keeping myself organized, on track and productive.


I am pretty sure I made this up, but it is one of the most helpful things to me. I call it bumping because I bump everything to specific times in my schedule. Let me explain. Instead of booking four different events on four different days and not having very many to stay home and chill, or get other work done, I try to book events on the same days as much as possible. That way, I still have time to rest or accomplish those tasks that need to get done. If I can combine a doctors appointment with meeting a friend for coffee and then running errands all on the same day, I sign up for one busy day where I am chasing around, but then I can breathe a little easier on the other days.

~Make time for rest~

This is so important and one that I have a hard time remembering. We have to make time for rest. A clear head is a productive head and when it’s full of so many crazy things, it’s really hard to think straight. Allowing yourself to not do anything on the weekend, or making sure you don’t touch work on a Sunday can make a world of difference when it comes to staying healthy mentally.

~Set aside a quiet time~

Some might call it devotions or bible time, I’ve just always called it Quiet Time. Set this time aside before you get started with your day. If you need to go to work early, make it on your lunch break. I’ve found that starting my day with time spent in God’s presence and filling my soul with His truth equips me for a fruitful and productive day, but also one that has a harder time stealing my peace and joy. You won’t regret making this effort.


I mean everything. My notebook that I carry with me everywhere is the farthest thing from organized, but it has saved my life having something to brain dump into all the time. When I was at work, obviously, I couldn’t be working on all the projects that pop into my mind, or the story ideas that swim around up there, or the blog post ideas that came to me in the midst of checking a client out, dreams that popped into my head unbidden or marketing strategies I didn’t want to forget. I literally write everything down. It kind of freaks me out a bit when I try to find things, lol! But it’s worth the hassle because if I didn’t write all this stuff down, I wouldn’t remember half of it. Just call me Dory. Not much stays up there for long sometimes.

~Ban social media during certain times~

This is a great one. We’ve all done it, looked up after an hour and realized we had been mindlessly scrolling that entire time. Setting times that you don’t touch your phone or don’t touch social media is an awesome idea to help you stay on track. Another trick I have up my sleeve is:

~Set intermittent alarms on your phone~

I sometimes turn on a timer that goes off every 15-20 minutes and it’s a reminder to me that if you are on your phone surfing, GET OFF! LOL! It’s worked out pretty well except for when I am actually using my phone for work and I am trying not to get annoyed with turning off the alarm all the time. 😀

~Plug in your headphones~

This might seem random, but if you know anything about me, music makes me focus. I even like it when working in the kitchen. I just get this kickstart of energy or focus the minute a melody and a good beat start playing. Give it a shot, it might help you be more productive!

There you have it! Some of my tips on staying productive. These are all ones I practice regularly and I hope that they help you as much as they have me.

By God’s Grace,


image credit: Photo by from Pexels