This outfit turned out to be super great for working in. It was comfortable, modest, and could easily transition into being read to run out for errands. This was the first time I had worn this tunic, even though it has been in my closet for several months. It just didn’t work before for some reason, but now I love it! the weight of it is perfect for those days when it is still chilly, but getting warmer with spring weather. And of course, I love the stripes! Who doesn’t love stripes? I also love the pairing of the red bandanna, (classic) and the red earrings with the black and white stripe. This outfit is so classy, but it has a comfortable, laid back twist as well.

I have been loads of busy working on stuff! Things haven’t slowed down! I made a LOT of totes this past week! Here are some pictures for you to admire! They will soon be going up on Etsy! Also, if you have any interest in purchasing any of these, let me know! They are slightly more expensive on Etsy than if you buy them directly from me due to processesing fees, so if you want to snag a bag, shoot me an email! rufflesandgrace(at) gmail.com. Also, the famous, “Books and Stuff” tote is available!

totes with quotes



Tunic: Old Navy Clearance $4

Jeans: Old Navy (old) $33

Boots: Hand me down

Necklace: The Faithful Merchant

Earrings: Gift

Watch: Gift

Headband; Bandanna from Hobby Lobby

What is your go to busy outfit? Which is your favorite tote?

By God’s Grace,