I wanted to share this recipe with you all! We have been having a TON of cucumbers from our garden. And when I say a TON, I mean it! We have been picking 80-90 cucumbers every other day! We have been eating them, pickling them, and giving them away to as many people as would take them! LOL! Our extended family are pretty tired of them too! This is our al time fave recipe for cukes! My little siblings literally drink the dressing! So Let’s get started!





  ~ EVOO, (extra virgin olive oil) 1/4 cup

~ Apple Cider Vinegar ( we particularly like Bragg’s) 1/2 cup

~ Sea Salt ( we use Redmond’s real salt) 2 tsp. or to taste

~ Black Pepper 1 tsp. or to taste

~ 12-15 pickle cucumbers, or, 2 greenhouse cukes

~ 1/2 an Onion.



Thinly slice the cucumbers and the onions and place in a large bowl for mixing.


Dump the rest of the ingredients on top and stir! It really is that simple!


Taste. This is really important. After tasting you can adjust the amount of oil or vinegar depending on whether it needs more acidity or oil. You can also add more salt if you need it.


I hope you like this cucumber and vinegar salad. Our family loves it!


Do you have any favorite recipes for cucumbers?

Would you try this recipe?


By His Grace,