Tis the season for sundresses! The heat has taken a giant leap this past week and we finally succumbed and turned the air conditioning on when the temp IN THE HOUSE was 86*. It was fine if you weren’t doing anything, but if you had to move you got kind of sticky! Plus it was super humid, so that made it worse.  I have found that as a Michigander, I am used to cooler weather all around, so when the heat does spike, it takes quite a bit of getting used to. Once summer hits, it takes a while for me to build an immunity to the heat.


So, now I can officially wear sundresses! Last year, for some reason I couldn’t stand this dress. It was super uncomfortable. I can’t for the life of me remember why, but I am glad I didn’t pitch it! I put it on today, and fell in love with it. It was super comfortable, cool and I felt so feminine. There is something about a dress that just makes you feel so ladylike, graceful, feminine, and pretty. It is a little different than a skirt somehow, but even better!


I wore my homemade petticoat underneath and it added just a bit of puff to the outfit. Not too much, but enough to make it feel even swishier.


I have been wearing my hair like this for the last few days! I just love it! It is so easy, and it makes a statement with the fluffed out braid! I have gotten quite the hang of doing it. It looks a little more on the messy side because we went on a trail bike ride earlier in the day and I had to wear my helmet. So, it got a little messed up, but overall, I think it held pretty good!


These flowering bushes in our front yard are ginormous and they look like giant white puffs sitting on the lawn. They are so full of blooms! I wanted to get pictures before the flowers disappeared. It is so good to see blooming things! I think I can finally say that Spring/Summer is finally here after much fickleness on the part of the weather.


All day long, as I was wearing this dress, I would find myself doing a little twirl here, a dance there, lifting my head and standing straighter. Not only was my heart lighter and I felt happy and joyful, but wearing a dress made me feel that much more so. Even when I wasn’t dancing for real, I was in my heart. I often wish I could dance, I probably could if I learned some. My little sister and I enjoy it. Sometimes we look up youtube tutorials on swing dances, or ballroom dancing to try. I was also chatting with my little 4 year old niece who took ballet for a little. We were doing the moves together and she brought back memories to me of when I took ballet for one year when I was only a year or so older than her. I was so little. . .Smile There is such a beautiful feel to gliding across the floor and trying to be as graceful as possible.


/////Outfit Details/////

Dress: thrifted Converse Brand $4

Tank: $1.99 forever 21

Earrings: Jewels by Julia

Necklace: Add to Beauty $4

Flip Flops: Flojoh’s brand from Costco $10

Petticoat: Made by Me




Saying this verse in my mind all day today.

“Praise ye the LORD. O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.” Psalm 106:1

When I don’t really feel all that light hearted, keeping my  mind focused on His mercy enduring forever, and the things I have to be thankful for are the best things to do! They lift my spirits and bring joy to my heart.


By God’s Grace and Praying you find His joy,