I wrote this story Christmas of 2013, and though it is full of flaws since I was decidedly younger when I wrote it, I still enjoy reading it, and I thought I would share it with you in 3 installments each week as we lead up to Christmas. Merry Christmas and enjoy!


Dedicated to

The soldiers who fight daily for the freedom

that I possess and also the families who sacrifice

their loved ones for the country’s freedom.

I am grateful to you all. God bless you.



A Christmas Story

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

“Mama! Mama! I want to talk to Daddy on the phone!”

“No, no! It’s my turn!”

“I’d like a turn! Said the third and oldest of the three girls, joining the group clustered around the mother, who held a phone to her ear with her hand over the mouthpiece, trying to quiet her three little girls.

“Quiet girls, mommy can’t hear Daddy.” She cautioned them. The two youngest turned to their older sister.

“Lea, you got to talk to Daddy last time because you were awake and we were in bed.” Said the middle princess indignantly, brushing a lock of her stubborn brown hair out of her face.

“I’d give you my turn Lea, only I want to talk to Daddy myself,” said little Elfin Tessa, hugging her sisters waist.

“Girls, you can all talk but you have to be quiet,” said Mom, thoroughly exasperated. Tender, loving Lea’s brown eyes shone in anticipation of the special treat. Willful, imperious Brianna folded her arms and pouted and little Tessa whose heart was not too small for anyone, clapped her hands and sat down on the floor and hugged her Dolly close.

“Here Tessa, Daddy wants to talk to you,” said Jeanelle Worth handing the phone to her youngest daughter and turning away to hide the tears that filled her eyes.

‘Hi Daddy!” said little Tessa her eyes sparkling with joy.

“Hey precious, How’s Daddy’s little princess?” Asked the masculine and beloved voice on the other end.

“Good, Daddy? I got to feel the baby move in mama’s tummy!”

“Really?! What did it feel like?” was the half exited half longing question.

“It felt just like a little thump here on the middle of my hand! Daddy why does the baby kick mama? Does it want to hurt her?” her little voice conveyed concern.

“Oh no baby, He doesn’t hurt Mama, He’s just exercising. Besides you did it to mama when you were a baby in her tummy.” Tessa’s blue eyes grew large in her tiny face in shock. Casting a remorseful glance at her mother, she cradled the pone closer to her ear.

“I didn’t mean to hurt Mama.”

“Oh, I know! All babies do it and it’s not to hurt Mama.” He answered amused.

“Daddy, Uncle Jonas told us we had to be thankful for something and share it at the big party on Thanksgiving. and I have mine already.”

“What are you thankful for baby?” asked the unsuspecting Daddy. With complete innocence and childlike candor, with bright blue eyes opened wide and her curly blonde hair like a halo on her head, she answered him.

“I’ m thankful for you being big, and brave and strong and going to fight for mama, Lea, Brianna, Baby, Me, and Jesus,” said the little child with wisdom greater than a king.

The sound of a sob on the other end broke the stillness that followed this bit of gratefulness.

“Daddy, are you alright?” asked Tessa.

A sniff and a gulp. “Yes precious, Daddy is all right. Hey, I love you okay?”

“I love you too Daddy, do you want to talk to Brianna now? Oh Daddy when will you be home? Soon?”

“Soon, Baby,” he said with a choke and a shuddering sigh.

“Okay, I love you! Here’s Brianna,” she said hand the phone to her eight year old sister.

“Hi Daddy!” said Brianna her sullen attitude melting away like snow before a fire.

“Hey Baby, What have you been up to?”

“Well. . .” and Brianna chattered on in a nonsensical way.

“Brianna,” I’ m sorry I can’t be home for you Birthday.”

“That’s okay,”

“So what do you want for you Birthday?”

“You to come home,” was her quick and expectant answer.

“I wish I could darling, but you know Daddy’s serving-“

“Yah I know all that!” she exploded in a heartbroken way that was easily perceived as disrespectful.

“Brianna!” exclaimed her mother shocked.

“What?!” she asked surprised.

“That was not a very respectful, you apologize to Daddy!” commanded Jeanelle.

“Sorry Daddy,” she mumbled.

“I forgive you Sugar. I love you, its Lea’s turn now.” Handing the phone to her ten year old sister she hid herself in a corner and listened quietly.

Lea’s countenance grew more distressed moment by moment, and her conversation trickled to monosyllables, and then choked words. Suddenly, with a shake of the head she handed the phone to her mother. Bursting into tears, she put her hands to her face and fled from the room. Jeanelle took the phone from her daughter and finished out the phone call with her husband with information about her pregnancy and the upcoming territorial move her husband squad would make. Before they hung up the phone, the whole family gathered together and prayed for safety for Sergeant Worth and also for the family as a whole.



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