So Ya’ll wanted to see what the results of the NuMe Octowand that I got for Black Friday and ranted and raved over in this post. I love it a lot! These curls last me several days too. It took me about 20 min. to curl all of my really long hair. Not to bad actually.


This is what I started with. Fresh out of a messy bun hair.


I used the 1 inch tapered  barrel.


I sectioned my hair and here is the first curl. I tried to keep my hair flat around the barrel. It is best that way when you have such long hair. Otherwise it would get super thick as you twist down.



One side of my head has a few sections of hair that doesn’t really like to stay curled, so I pin them up with an alligator clip after I curl them so that they can cool.



All done! I look like a longer version of Shirley Temple! So I like to throw my head over and shake our all the curls to give them a looser look. I really rub my scalp to loosen them around my part.



Ta DA!!!! I love curling my hair! IT is so effortless because they last for several days and there are so many things to do with it. I have found that curling before styling actually helps with hold and natural looking ness. . .  LOL!




I would highly recommend these tools and I am really happy with the results from my NuMe wand. This one is sold out, but they are having a deal right now. $39 for any curling wand. I know sounds too good to be true! They are not paying me nor am I getting any compensation for featuring them here on my blog. I honestly just really like the tools and am so happy to have one!  If you like to have curled hair and want a tool that does the job quickly and well, I would recommend NuMe for sure! Check them out!



Do you like curling your hair? Would you use one of these wands?

By His Grace,