The Heart-shapers

The Heart-Shapers

Who can understand until they’ve been in that place,

The overwhelming joy as they gaze into that tiny face.

As they count each and every tiny finger and toe,

And kiss over and over again their little button nose.

That joy cannot ever possibly be expressed,

To do so with words, you would be extremely hard pressed.

So instead of words, actions must do;

With these is only true love ever shown to you.

There is nothing more humble than a mother’s job,

As she cleans and chases and loves her little mob.

There is very little thanks and even less recognition,

But rarely does anyone repent of their choice with contrition.

They do so much, from cleaning faces, to bandaging toes,

But that is not the point of my small bit of prose.

It is the hidden work they do that will make your heart caper,

There is no greater joy untold than those of the heart-shapers.

There is just as much pain for them as there is of joy,

For their heart can be as easily broken as a small and fragile toy.

They invest their entire lives, hearts, and beings,

Into shaping, reproving and teaching.

There is much to be done from the time that children are one to eighteen,

For they must be taught many very important things.

How to behave, how to clean, how to learn, of course these things,

But more important is how to love, how to serve, and how to honor the King of kings.

She does not just teach their minds you see,

While this is important, it’s not the only thing they must be.

They must shape their hearts, encourage them to seek,

And to listen to the Lord’s voice when He will speak.

Mothers are so much more than mothers, my friend,

And this poem you can see is coming to an end.

Heart-shapers, Heart-lovers, heart-protectors they be,

And these jobs so few people actually see.

Of their talents, tasks, and work, I could go on and on.

And if I wrote them down, the list would be far too long.

Heart-shapers they are, and heart-shapers they will be,

To be anything less than this is a waste you see.

So go find your heart-shaper, give them a hug,

And thank them for the innumerable loving things they have done.

Your heart-shaper loves you with all of their heart,

As any mother would, with all, not just a part.

~Mothers Day 2017, Victoria Lynn~

Happy Mothers day to all the Heart-Shapers!

And to MY Heart-shapers, Mama, Nana, and Grandma. . . I love you with all my heart!

By God’s Grace,