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Here we are! Part 2 of my favorite movies! I hope you enjoy my fangirling. I couldn’t help it! *hugs dvd collection* These are all so good!

Man from Uncle

Okay, I will do my best not to fangirl over the costumes. . . Oh what gives? Never mind. SWOON! Gabby’s costumes are PHENOMENAL!!!! I just want it all! 1970’s here we come! The aspects of the cold war, the fact that they are solving a mystery and that the two main dudes DON’T get along. . . make this move pure gold. I am so disappointed that it didn’t get the attention it deserved because they left it open for a sequel but didn’t make enough money to warrant one. RATS! I think I may start a petition. The feel of this movie is just the best. It was directed by a man who directed one of my other favorites, Sherlock Holmes, so it is just amazing. It is so hard to describe, but the feel of it and the flare of the filming are so unique and cool. The character arcs were awesome! Three cheers for a storyline where the MC’s have to learn to get along. So good.
*Content Warning: Again, I watched an edited version of this. There were a few scenes that were inappropriate and that were cut out for my viewing.*

Fav scene from Man From U.N.C.L.E.:

Two grown men arguing about women's fashion. It will always be funny.:

The Scarlet Pimpernel

THIS MOVIE! I first fell in love with the book, so that is amazing. I freaked out when I knew there was a movie and my best friend was the one who shared it with me, which made it even more amazing. Again, a period drama and if you aren’t familiar with the story, it surrounds the intrigue of a man who in disguise and with his little band of friends and followers, smuggles French Gentry out of France during the (or rather, one of the) French Revolutions. The movie actually combines several of the books in the series and did so in such a tasteful way that left you fully satisfied at the end. The costumes were superb, the acting FANTASTIC! Anthony Andrews as Sir Percy is the best ever. It should never be anyone else. He nailed it! *fangirls and squeels* Seriously, swoon. And the actress who played Marguerite. . . again, phenomenal. That moment when she screams “Percy!” *dies* This is one of those movies that I could immerse myself into again and again with great pleasure! “Odd’s fish! my dear,” has become a common exclamation in the family. That and “Lud, my dear.” With that english accent *ROFL* Just the best!!!!
*content warning: I hate that I have to do this, but the moment was minor, and easily skippable. This was one of the most annoying quibbles I had with the movie because it wasn’t like that in the books. Marguerite’s brother has a relationship with his sister’s understudy, and they have a moment where they are seen in bed together. *frowns and folds arms* Made me mad, because it wasn’t even in the books! But yeah, just skip that moment, and you will be good!*

The Day Dream {a Scarlet Pimpernel blog}: May 2012 Sir Percy and Marguerite:

The Scarlet Pimpernel:


Okay. I will raise my hand here. I am a football fan, but even people who are not will enjoy this powerful and moving film! It is based on a true story and the racial tension surrounding Birmingham Alabama during the 70’s. The characters were UH-MAZING and I just cry like a baby at the end every time. It was SO POWERFUL! I think it was probably the most powerful movie I have ever seen in my life. The filming and the storyline itself help with this, but the message really packs a punch. I think every Christian should see this film at least once. Also being a history fanatic and having read books from the time-period, it also came alive in that way to me. The emotions in this movie were. . . just. . . the feels. That moment towards the end when they all say the Lord’s Prayer. WOW! It follows the story of a spiritual revolution in the city and is unparalleled in Christian films for me. *hugs the dvd* I need to watch it again. Even the credits make me cry and light a fire in my heart.

Woodlawn Movie. The back of his helmet reads: BELIEVE. NO FEAR. I currently have that Sharpied on the back of my hand. I am committed. No fear.:

Facing the Giants

Another sports Christian movie. This one is SO STINKING GOOD! I could (and have) watched it so many times with just the same enjoyment each time. My mom and dad watched this in theatres when it came out with absolutely no knowledge of Sherwood Pictures. They walked away so pumped, pleased, and encouraged from this movie that we instantly bought it. Football, love. And the way they interwove the struggles of the characters with the game itself. JUST THE BEST! The humor leaves us rolling in our seats and the story with tears in our eyes. God is so good! Watch this movie!

Woman in Gold

Just. . . *curls into a ball and cries with delight* THIS MOVIE WAS FANTASTIC!!!! WW2, hello. That makes it so amazing. It follows the true story of Maria Aultman who has been living in America since she escaped Austria during WW2 and has just buried her sister. She feels a stir to right the wrong and enlists the help of her immigrant friends lawyer son (who really doesn’t want to help the cranky old lady). Their relationship is just the best and Maria keeps having flash backs to the war torn moments in her past as she fled Austria with her young husband. I cried during this movie (surprise!) and the feels! *rubs my arms to quell the goosebumps* The premise is she tries to get back the portrait painting of her Aunt that was done by Klimt and has been hanging in a German Museum since it was confiscated during the war. It rightfully belongs with her, and she wants it back. Enter the resistant Randy Schoenberg, who finds Maria annoying at first, but comes to love the blustery and hurting old lady. Their relationship is JUST. THE. BEST. *hugs dvd again* Seriously, one of my FAVORITE MOVIES EVER!!!! Just go watch it, please, I beg you! Have you seen it yet?
*content warning* There is one instance of a bad swear word that was muted by my parents when we watched it. My brother has since edited it out for me. Otherwise, maybe just intense for younger watchers. War scenes etcetera.*

Woman in Gold movie, Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds:

Miss Potter

*swoons and weeps* This movie was so amazing! If follows the life of Beatrix Potter and her journey to publishing her little stories that have changed the world. The one word that comes to mind when thinking of this film is “Charming”. My dad isn’t a huge movie person, okay? But he loved it! I heard him chuckling at the sweetness of the relationships and even saw tears in his eyes at times. Our whole family watched this and enjoyed it unreservedly! I won’t spoil it, but there was a very sad part in the middle, but it ended well enough to make up for it! And it is a true story, so it isn’t like they could avert it. It is also set in Edwardian England, so of course I adored it. The costumes, the characters, the social graces and conventions, this movie is just pure gold! And there was no content and is a perfectly family friendly movie, so you must watch this one!

Miss Potter - Renée Zellweger as beloved children's author Beatrix Potter & Ewan McGregor:

That rounds out my Top 10 favorite movies of all time! Granted, some of these are subject to be added to, but this is it for now! And this doesn’t include movies in my other favorite genre’s, there are a lot of old B&W movies that are pure gold that I plan on posting about as well. I hope you enjoyed this list!

Have you seen any of these movies? What are some of your favorite movies in the whole wide world?

By God’s Grace,